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Bosphorus Cymbals - Traditional Series

Find your voice, then customise it, the Bosphorus Traditional Series
These instruments reflect the famous history of classic Turkish cymbal-making at its finest. They also represent the widest collection of sounds in our catalog. With rides, crashes, splashes, chinas, sizzles and flats, let your imagination guide you. Cymbals from this series are diverse enough to be used in intimate concert halls or aggressive rock arenas. Their sounds range from dark, delicate and complex, to bright, sharp, and penetrating. Regardless of the setting, these cymbals will inspire
you to new levels of creativity.

Classic Turkish cymbal making at its finest. Each ride and crash is available in three weights. A heavier ride cymbal yields a higher pitch and increased stick articulation, while the lighter weights offer a softer more “vowel”  type stick sound. Heavier crashes provide more volume with a higher pitch, but take longer for the sound to open up. Chinas, splashes and flats are not offered in multiple weights.

Bosphorus Traditional Series Hi Hats

Bosphorus Traditional Series Hi-Hats tops and bottoms are hand lathed as pairs for a perfect match.Weights include: Regular (R), Medium
(M),Heavy (HV) - from lightest to heaviest,very responsive with a low fundamental pitch. Medium weights are more penetrating while the heavy weights are better for high volume applications
. Also Available in 13"
& 14" with Holes in the Hi-Hats which provides an accurate but responsive touch. Also Available in (B) Bright & (D) Dark Standard Versions.

BPTR13HHH Bosphorus 13" Trad. Series Hole Hi-Hat Cymbals $469.00

BPTR13RHH Bosphorus 13" Trad. Series Reg. Hi-Hat Cymbals $469.00

BPTR13MHH Bosphorus 13" Trad. Series Med. Hi-Hat Cymbals $469.00

BPTR13HVHH Bosphorus 13" Trad. Series Hvy. Hi-Hat Cymbals $469.00

BPTR14HHH Bosphorus 14" Trad. Series Hole Hi-Hat Cymbals $499.00

BPTR14BHH Bosphorus 14" Trad. Series Bright Hi-Hat Cymbals $499.00

BPTR14DHH Bosphorus 14" Trad Series Dark Hi-Hat Cymbals $499.00

BPTR14HVHH Bosphorus 14" Trad. Series Hvy. Hi-Hat Cymbals $499.00

BPTR14BHH Bosphorus 14" Trad. Series Bright Hi-Hat Cymbals $499.00

BPTR15CHH Bosphorus 15" Trad. Series China Hi-Hat Cymbals $769.00

BPTR16CHH Bosphorus 16" Trad. Series China Hi-Hat Cymbals $809.00

Bosphorus Traditional Series Splashes

Bosphorus Traditional splashes provide a bright and piercing attack with a very quick decay. 8 inch models have a very high pitch. 10, & 11 inch models have progressively lower pitches with more body.

BPTR8S Bosphorus 8" Trad. Series Splash Cymbal $159.95

BPTR10S Bosphorus 10" Trad. Series Splash Cymbal $189.95

BPTR11S Bosphorus 11" Trad. Series Splash Cymbal $215.00

BPTR12S Bosphorus 12" Trad. Series Splash Cymbal $229.00

BPTR12RS Bosphorus 12" Trad. Series Splash Cymbal $229.00

Bosphorus Traditional Series Crashes

The Bosphorus Traditional Series Crashes,Fully lathed tonal grooves top and bottom for a warm full bodied sound. The Traditional Series crashes are extremely versatile.Available as: Medium Thins (MT) are respectively slower to open up but provide a higher pitch with more volume and sustain. (DC) Dark Crashes provide a more deeper crisper sound ideal for deeper applications, (MC) Medium Crashes provide the perfect
weight and response for any style of playing. Also Available
in Rock (RC) or (TC) Thin Versions.

BPTR14TC Bosphorus 14" Trad. Series Thin Crash Cymbal $279.00

BPTR15MC Bosphorus 15" Trad. Series Medium Crash Cymbal $299.00

BPTR16MC Bosphorus 16" Trad. Series Medium Crash Cymbal $315.00

BPTR16DC Bosphorus 16" Trad. Series Dark Crash Cymbal $329.00

BPTR16MTC Bosphorus 16" Trad. Series Med-Thin Crash Cymbal $329.00

BPTR16RC Bosphorus 16" Trad.Series Rock Crash Cymbal $329.00

BPTR16TC Bosphorus 16" Trad. Series Thin Crash Cymbal $329.00

BPTR17MC Bosphorus 17" Trad. Series Medium Crash Cymbal $359.00

BPTR18MTC Bosphorus 18" Trad. Series Med-Thin Crash Cymbal $399.00
Also in BPTR18MC-Med. Crash $399.00

BPTR18DC Bosphorus 18" Trad. Series Dark Crash Cymbal $399.00

BPTR18RC Bosphorus 18" Trad. Series Rock Crash Cymbal $399.00

BPTR18CR Bosphorus 18" Trad. Series Crash Cymbal $399.00

BPTRH18/18 Bosphorus 18” Traditional Series Holed Crash -
w/ 18holes ( special order )  $469.00

Bosphorus Traditional Series Chinas

Fully lathed top and bottom, Bosphorus Traditional Series Chinas offer a piercing attack with a fast decay. Clean articulation when used as a ride balances with an exotic dark wash when crashed.

BPTR14CH Bosphorus 14" Traditional Series China Cymbal $365.00

BPTR18CH Bosphorus 18" Traditional Series China Cymbal $399.00

BPTR20CH Bosphorus 20 " Traditional Series China Cymbal $635.00

Bosphorus Traditional Series Rides

The Bosphorus Traditional Rides,Perfect,Ideal multi-purpose rides.
Clean stick articulation and a bright hammered bell balance with rich dark undertones. Also can be used for warm crashes. Available in Original (O), Medium (M) & Heavy (H) weights. Heavier weights offer more stick definition and a higher pitch. Original weights provide a lower pitch with better crash sounds.Also Available in Ping 20" Versions & 21" Medium Rides.

BPTR18CR Bosphorus 18" Trad. Series Crash Ride Cymbal $399.00

BPTR18FR Bosphorus 18" Trad. Series Flat Ride Cymbal $399.00

BPTR19MTR Bosphorus 19" Trad. Series Med-Thin Ride Cymbal $439.00

BPTR20OR Bosphorus 20" Trad.Series Original Ride Cymbal $459.00

BPTR20LR Bosphorus 20" Trad.Series Light Ride Cymbal $459.00

BPTR20MR Bosphorus 20" Trad.Series Medium Ride Cymbal $489.00

BPTR20HVR Bosphorus 20" Trad.Series Heavy.Ride Cymbal $489.00

BPTR20PR Bosphorus 20" Trad.Series Ping Ride Cymbal $489.00

BPTR20R Bosphorus 20" Trad.Series Standard Ride Cymbal $489.00

BPTR21MR Bosphorus 21" Trad.Series Medium Ride Cymbal $559.00
also in 21TR - Thin Ride $559.00
or 21MTR Medium Thin Ride $559.00

Bosphorus Traditional Series Cymbal Packs

BPTRADPACK Bosphorus Trad. Series Cymbal Pack w/ Bosp. Cymbal Bag
Consists of: 14” Hi-Hats Pair / 16” Crash / 20” Ride Cymbals $1228.00
(Contact Internal Sales for your "Special Buy Price")