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Bosphorus Cymbals - Turk Series

The Bosphorus Turk Cymbals, Hand hammered but completely
un-lathed. The Turk Series is characterised by its exotic stick sound
and reduced overtones. Visually stunning looks, straight from the oven coloration. A dark primary voice or a daring addition to a conventional setup. This series speaks with raw attitude and earthy passion.

Bosphorus Turk Series - Bell Range

The new BOSPHORUS bell cymbal or bell cup cymbal is a small, very thick cymbal with little if any taper, used as an effects cymbal in a drum kit. The sound produced when striking the bell cymbal with a drumstick is a distinctive high-pitched ping sound with a long sustain. Bright, singing musical tone ideal for special accents and effects. Large, deep bell shape. High  pitch. Use individually or with other size models to produce complimentary tones that contrast perfectly with each other. Mount regularly or inverted for special tones. Available in; Turk series with
 un lathed and hand hammered finish.

BPT6BELL12 Bosphorus 6" Turk Series Bell-12cm Cup Cymbals $145.00

BPT8BELL12 Bosphorus 8" Turk Series Bell-12cm Cup Cymbals $156.95

BPT8BELL15 Bosphorus 8" Turk Series-15cm Cup Cymbals $156.95

BPT10BELL12 Bosphorus 10" Turk Series Bell-12cm Cup Cymbals $179.95

BPT10BELL15 Bosphorus 10" Turk Series Bell-15cm Cup Cymbals $179.95

BPT12BELL15 Bosphorus 12" Turk Series Bell-15cm Cup Cymbals $219.00

Bosphorus Turk Series - Holed Range

Special holed prototype cymbals from namm show-Turk Series limited models available in 6 Hole & 18 Hole Variations.


Bosp. Turk FX 17" 18 Hole Cymbal



Bosp. Turk FX 17" 6 Hole Cymbal



Bosp. Turk FX 18" 18 Hole Cymbal



Bosp. Turk FX 18" 6 Hole Cymbal



Bosp. Turk FX 19" 18 Hole Cymbal



Bosp. Turk FX 19" 6 Hole Cymbal


Bosphorus Turk Series Splashes

BPT10SP Bosphorus 10" Turk Series Splash Cymbal $179.95

Bosphorus Turk Series Hi Hats

The Bosphorus Turk Series hi-hat tops and bottoms are hand lathed as pairs for a perfect match. Each cymbal is unlathed on both sides for excellent stick articulation. Dark but cutting “chick” sound with an earthy quality when splashed or played half-open. Now Available in a variety of Choices. (DHH) Dark, (CHH) Crisp, (BHH) Bright,& (MHH) Medium.

BPT13DHH Bosphorus 13" Turk Series Dark Hi-Hat Cymbals $459.00

BPT13CHH Bosphorus 13" Turk Series Crisp Hi-Hat Cymbals $459.00

BPT14CHH Bosphorus 14" Turk Series Crisp Hi-Hat Cymbals $489.00

BPT14BHH Bosphorus 14" Turk Series Bright Hi-Hat Cymbals $489.00

BPT14DHH Bosphorus 14" Turk Series Dark Hi-Hat Cymbals $489.00

Bosphorus Turk Series Thin Crashes

The Bosphorus Turk Series - Now Available in Thin Crashes.

BPT18TC Bosphorus 18" Turk Series Thin Crash Cymbals $379.00

BPT19TC Bosphorus 19" Turk Series Thin Crash Cymbals $409.00

BPT20TC Bosphorus 20" Turk Series Thin Crash Cymbals $459.00

Bosphorus Turk Series Chinas

The Bosphorus Turk Chinas, Dark and dry, earthy, punchy brilliant sounding cymbal, that retains the shimmering, shiney qualities associated with Chinas. Ideal for low volume applications.

BPT18CH Bosphorus 18" Turk Series China Cymbal $499.00

Bosphorus Turk Series Rides

The Bosphorus BPT20R & BPT22R Turk Rides are Unlathed top and bottom for exceptional stick definition, but thin enough for dark crashes. The hammered bell offers a clear and earthy projection. Fundamental tone is lower on a 22" than a 20".Various Thickness Available

BPT20R Bosphorus 20" Turk Series Standard Ride Cymbal $459.00

BPT22R Bosphorus 22" Turk Series Standard Ride Cymbal $565.00

BPT22TR Bosphorus 22" Turk Series Thin Ride Cymbal $565.00

BPT22MTR Bosphorus 22" Turk Series Med-Thin Ride Cymbal $565.00