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CB-700 Cymbals
CB-700 Drum Hardware
CB-700 Drum Throne
CB-700 Cymbal Tilt
> Above Images, Illustrates
the Hardware featured
on the CB-700 Kits

> Junior Kits Available
by Percussion Plus

Introducing the exciting new line of CB-700 Drums

With high-quality 9-ply wooden shells, double-braced hardware and power toms, this drum set is an amazing value package for the beginning or advancing drummer -- it even includes cymbals & throne! With a full-sized 5-piece setup, this drum set is a great choice for intermediate drummers and beginners looking for a set that will last for years.
CB-700 Logo on all Drums, Hardware & Sticks.

CB-700 Branded Starter 5-Pc Drumkits

CB-700 CB1000 Drumkit Specifications:
16" x 16" floor tom with 5 lugs per side. 22" x 16 " bass drum with 8 lugs per side. 2 power toms,
13" x 10" and 12" x 8" with 5 lugs per side.
14 x 5.5" metal snare with 6 lugs.
Single-braced drum throne included.
Includes sticks, & standard drum key
Chain Driven Bass drum pedal with felt beater.
Telescopic fully adjustable drum spurs
Black finish drumhead on bass drum front, other heads are clear or white.

Hardware & Cymbals: Economy / Budget Double braced hardware snare stand, hi-hat stand and cymbal stand with die-cast cymbal tilt.
Cymbals included, 14" hi-hats, 1 pair and a 16" crash/ride.

CB1000 (Colour Code) CB-700 Branded 5 Piece Standard Drum Set
with Double Braced Hardware Kit, Stool & Cymbal Set
Drum Sizes: 13 x 10 ,12 x 8" Power Toms with 5 Lugs per Side
16 x 16" Floor Tom with 5 Lugs per Size, 22 x 16" Bass Drum,
& 14 x 5.5" Metal Snare with 6 Lugs.

Available Colours: BK Black, DB - Dark Blue,
WR - Wine Red, MBL Metallic Blue , GR - Green, PU - Purple
MGR Metallic Steel Grey, SI Silver, MC - Metallic Copper $579.00

CB1001 (Colour Code) CB-700 Branded EURO - 5 Piece
Standard Drum Set with Double Braced Hardware Kit, Stool & Cymbal Set
Drum Sizes:22 x 16", 12x 8", 13 x 9", 16 x 16", & 14 x 5.5" Snare
*With Stool & Cymbals Included*

Available Colours: BK Black, WR - Wine Red.$579.00

CB-700 CB1000BK Drum Kit in Black Finish

CB-700 CB1000DB Drum Kit in Dark Blue Finish