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Peace/Adam Hi-Hat & Cymbal Related Products

Peace Budget Cymbals

CYC1206 Peace Budget 12" Cymbals w/ Strap ( Pair) $69.95

CYM1408 Peace Budget 14" Hi-Hat 0.80mm Cymbals ( Pair) $99.95

CYM1608 Peace Budget 16" Crash 0.80mm Cymbal $69.95

CYM1808 Peace Budget 18" Crash 0.80mm Cymbal $79.95

CYS114 Peace Budget 14" Hi-Hat Marching
Cymbals w/ Strap ( Pair) $95.00

CYS116 Peace Budget 16" Crash Marching
Cymbal w Strap $99.95

Peace Brass Cymbal Set

CYM98208 Peace Brass Cymbal Set with 14" Hats( Pair),
16" Crash, 20" Ride with Box, Ideal for students $199.95

Peace Concert Orchestral Cymbal Stand

CS600M Peace Concert Orchestral Cymbal Stand - w/ Hanging hook $149.95

Peace Cymbal, & Hi-Hat Stand Parts

ZD25 Small Cymbal Felts-Generic $1.50

ZD10 Large Cymbal Felts-Generic $1.75

DA35 Wing Nut 6mm-Generic $1.99

DA36 Wing Nut 8mm-Generic $2.35

DA34 Wing Nut 8mm-Generic $2.35

ZD9 (Additional Pic) (Bottom in Pic) Hi-Hat Cup Only-Generic $4.79

ZD29 (Additional Pic) (Top Left in Pic) Deluxe Hi-Hat Cup
w/out Felts -Generic $5.50

ZD8 Hi-Hat Clutch-Generic w/Felts $12.99

ZD28 (Additional Pic) (Top Right in Pic) Deluxe Hi-Hat Clutch
w/Felts-Generic $14.95

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Peace Cymbal Toppers

CYT Black Cymbal Toppers, Plastic.-Holds Cymbals Securely $4.75

Cymbal Care Products

B200 Buckaroo Cymbal Cleaner- Instant Cleaning Swab For Cymbal Care. For decades now, Buckaroo Cymbal Cleaner has been the best way to keep cymbals looking and sounding like new. Professionals know and trust the Buckaroo name. $24.99

B336 Blitz Cymbal Cleaner & Polish- Keep your cymbals looking the way they were when you first bought them. This polish/cleaner makes your cymbals shine and reflect the lights of the stage.4 oz Bottle.$10.95

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Peace Stands - Cymbal, Snare & Hi Hats


Peace Cymbal Boom Short Armed Stand



Peace Cymbal Boom Stand - Standard Arm



Peace Hi Hat Stand - Standard



Peace Hi Hat Stand - DBL Braced



Peace DBL Braced - Snare Stand



Peace DBL Braced Straight Cymbal Stand



Peace Standard Cymbal Stand


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