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Peace/Adam Percussion & Accessories Section

Peace Practice Pads,Kits & Stands

REBOUNDER (Additional Pic) 8" Practice Pad -For Quiet Practice
Stand Mountable - Black -Very Popular ( 6mm Thread on back ) $25.95

REBOUNDER/RED (Additional Pic) 8" Practice Pad-For Quiet Practice
Stand Mountable-Red.Very Popular ( 6mm Thread on back ) $25.95

DASDP15 14" Practice Pad - For Table or Drum Mount.$17.99

DPP050 5 Piece Practice Pad Set, with all stands & pedal
Stool & Sticks not included .$269.00

DRP1/20 8 Piece Practice Pad Set
with 20/14/10/12/14/14/18-20/14-16" inch pads- Complete Kit $129.95

DRP1/22 8 Piece Practice Pad Set
with 22/16/13/12/14/14/18-20/14-16" inch pads- Complete Kit $129.95

AK25 (Additional Pic) Peace Tuneable Apprentice Practice Pad Kit Pakage Black Rim w/ White Pad & Sticks-Ideal For Beginners-Very Popular $34.95

DTR3S Peace Practise Pad Stand, w/Screw Style
Top-For Mountable Type Pad - Not Tunebale
Note - Pad Not Included - 6mm Thread Adaptor included* $59.95
Also Available in DTR3S8MM 8mm Thread Type $59.95

TR3KIT Peace Tuneable Practice Pad on Double Braced Stand
White Tuneable Head with Black Rim $69.95

BDPP Peace Bass Drum Practice Pad Mounted
on Heavy Duty Metal Floor Stand - Adjustable ( ideal for add ons ) $79.95

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Peace Pro Djembe Stands

PROJS1 Pro Peace Djembe Stand - Multi Fit $89.95
>Multi Fit - Five-position adjustability to securely
hold djembe - holds different sizes

>Fully adjustable boom arm & angle adjustment
which holds djembe in any preferred angle position

>Includes black strap holders & rubber grippers at base
>Chrome steel construction with tripod base and double bracing

Peace Electronic Practice Drums

TR8 Peace Electronic Practice Drum with Digital Metronome
function on a Double Braced stand ( Features on a stand
(with the A14 Drum ) $159.95

Peace Percussion Sets in Storage Boxes

PS32 Peace Percussion Set ( 32pcs ) of Various Percussion Instruments Ideal for children ages 5 - 13, comes complete with assortment of Hand Percussion, in a storage box with wheels $299.00

Peace Drum Tuning Keys & Brushes

DK13 (Additional Pic) Peace T shape Key - Chrome in casing .$3.99

DK15 (Additional Pic) Peace Speed Key
with Handle - Chrome in casing .$4.99

DAT51 (Additional Pic) Percussion Plus Wire Drum Brushes-
Retractable Loop End Handle w/Grip $26.95

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Drum Stick Holders

DASP60 Drum Stick Holder-Secured
Clamp to hold Holder in place-Fits 2 Pairs $13.99

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Peace/Adam Bongo Stands

BGS1 Peace Standard - Double Braced Bongo Stand $75.00

BGS3 Peace Deluxe Heavy Duty Bongo Stand $109.95
* discontinued now *

Peace/Adam Tambourines

DAT212 12" Tambourine Tambour Hand Drum w/ Beater $36.95

HST1 Peace Hi-Hat Tambourine-Mountable on Hi-Hats $24.95

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Peace/Adam Hand Percussion

DA422 Sleigh Bells in Coloured Plastic - Double Row of Jingles $6.00

DA421 Castanet in Coloured Plastic - Red & Blue (Single) $4.75

RH59 Adam Mini Shakers on Handle - Assorted
Colours Green, Yellow, Black, Purple, & Red.Sell For $5.95 Each
(Sold as a Box of 24), Ideal for Counter Top Displaying.$140.00

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Peace Glockenspeils & Bell Kits

GKS10 Peace 30 Note C-G Tone Range - Glockenspeil Kit w/Stand,
Mallets & Bag $55.00

BK1500 Peace 30 Note Glock / Bell Kit w/Stand,Mallets,Prac Pad
& Bag $399.00

More Mallets are Available by Perc Plus click here

Peace Octobans ( BK or Transparent Shells)

OB6180P Peace Octobans - Transparent Shell Drums ( pair )
( 6x8" Tune to High C + 6x10" Tune to D) $299.00

OB1214P Peace Octobans - Black Shell Drums ( pair )
( 6x12" Tune to E + 6x14" Tune to F) $399.00

OB1618P Peace Octobans - Black Shell Drums ( pair )
( 6x16" Tune to G + 6x18" Tune to A) $469.00

OB2022P Peace Octobans - Black Shell Drums ( pair )
( 6x20" Tune to B + 6x22" Tune to Low C) $599.00

Peace Mini Toms ( 5 + 6" size )

MI65 Peace Mini Toms ( 5+ 6" size ) with mount hardware $129.95

MI65S Peace Mini Toms ( 5+ 6" size ) with stand $225.00

Peace Percussion Workstation Trap Table

TW1 (Additional Pic) Percussion Workstation Trap Table
w/ Single Braced Stand - Measurements - w 61cm / 24” x d 46cm / 18”
Sturdy Felted Quilt-Table Top $199.00

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Peace/Adam Cowbells & Holders

LC5BK Adam 5.5 " Black Cowbell $13.99

LC5CH Adam 5.5 " Chrome Cowbell $15.99

LC7BK Adam 7.5 " Black Cowbell $14.99

LC7CH Adam 7.5 " Chrome Cowbell $16.99

LC8BK Adam 8.5 " Black Cowbell $15.99

LC8CH Adam 8.5 " Chrome Cowbel $18.99

DA6111 Combination Woodblock/Cowbell Holder $11.99

DA6116 Cowbell Holder -Mounts onto Cowbell $10.99

CB20 5 Cowbells On Peace Display Stand $169.95

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