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Marble Finish - Surf Drum

TOCTFD14WB Toca 14"
Frame Drum

Toca Djun Djun - 10”
Size with Mallets

Toca Assorted Cha Cha Bells

Toca TOC4353T
Large Fusion Bell

TOCTHHZT Toca Hi-Hat Hit
Zone Tambourine

TOCT2304 Toca 32 Bar Chimes

TOCA TPC SS Stainless Steel Rut Cowbells Pro Line Series

TOCT3208SE Toca
Sheila E 8 " Hand Drum

TOCT2501 Toca Large
Wood Slap Stick

TOCT2503 Toca Jingle Stick

TOCT2504 Toca
Cymbal Tambourine Stick

TOCTJSBK Toca Jingle
Shake - Black

TOCT2106 Toca Egg Shakers packet of 10

Torch Globe Shaker

Spaceman Globe Shaker

Toca Single & Double
Tambos with Heads

TOCT2502 Toca H/Less Tambo Alluminium Colour

TOCT2500 Toca H/Less
Tambo - White

TOCT2509 Toca 6" Metal
Triangle with Beater


TOCT2530 Toca Finger
Cymbals Set of 2 Pairs

TOCT2513 Toca Large
Casaba in Black

Toca TOCT2520 Large
White Metal Ratchet

Small Static Whip Effect

Toca Assorted Percussion

Toca Surf & Frame Drums

This infectious Toca Surf Drum is Constructed from a high-durability synthetic shell and fitted with synthetic heads on both sides, the slender (1-1/4" wide, 14" diameter head) "drum" comes with an optimal helping of buckshot-style fill, which roams and rolls inside, producing the sound of cascading waves.

Sized to be totally manageable for a variety of age groups, the Toca Surf Drum will have otherwise staid folks uttering the likes of "surf's up!" or "here comes the big one, the seventh wave". Meanwhile, clear drumheads afford an inside look at the activity within this fascinating…instrument.

TOCTSURF Toca 14" Marble Finish - Surf Drum
Creates unique wave crashing sounds $99.95

Toca Frame Drums originate from the middle east and are considered to be one of the very first musical instruments. They are Lightweight, & have an extremely durable PVC shell with an all-weather synthetic head - Ideal for early childhood education.

TOCTFD14WB Toca 14" Frame Drum $109.95

Toca Tone Bars with Mallets

New Toca Tone Bars - Naturally Finished with a curved structure,
Aluminium alloy bars mounted on a solid platform,
Uniquely constructed design with metal bar look,
with mallet set, Rubberised Feet.

TOCATONE3 Toca Tone Bar
w/ 3 Bars & Mallet Set $55.00

TOCATONE5 Toca Tone Bar
w/ 5 Bars & Mallet Set $65.00

Toca Djun Djun Drums with Mallets

Toca is proud to introduce the Freestyle Djun Djuns. They offer outstanding design features, durability, and a pitch range that harkens to authentic ancient African drums. These Freestyle Djun Djuns feature a durable, resonant synthetic shell impervious to climactic changes. Each drum is fitted with a specially chosen calf head of optimum thickness to promote thick, throaty tones while eliminating unwanted ringing harmonics. The bass response, in particular, is deep and resounding. Heads are seated by means of a firm rim constructed from braided rope, while the same low-stretch Alpine rope is employed for the network of vertical tensions surrounding the drum. Each drum is cloaked in appropriate indigenous graphics & is available with free thick mallets; they also make a great add on drum as an accessory.

TOCSFDD10AM Toca Djun Djun - 10” Size with Mallets $329.00

TOCSFDD12AM Toca Djun Djun - 12” Size with Mallets $399.00

TOCSFDD15AM Toca Djun Djun - 15” Size with Mallets $549.00

Toca "Kalani" - Flex Drums

TOCTFLEX11G Toca "Kalani" - 11" Flex Drum $219.95
Spare Head Available -- TOCTPFLEX11HEAD (Head to Suit ) $69.95 *


TOCTFLEXJRK Toca JNR Flex Drum Kente Cloth w/ Strap
( smaller size – limited stocks )       $159.95
FLEX JNR - Spare Head code - TOCTPFLEXJRH head only * $46.95


Toca "Kente Ashiko" - Drums


-Ideal for educational, drum circles,
& health and wellness markets.
-Sound chamber allows for drum
to resonate while playing seated.
-Conical shaped drum
-All synthetic shell equipped with synthetic head
-First ever design of its kind (Unique Drum)



Toca Acacia Tambourines

The Toca Acacia Tambourines in Brass or Brass/Nickel Combos. First off, let's describe the housing of this beautiful instrument. An ergonomically shaped rubber handle makes playing effortless. It lines the gripping portion on outer and inner sides, exposing the natural wood beauty in the center. The inner portion is ribbed for the fingers. The frame is constructed entirely from the cherished Acacia hardwood. Prized for fine furniture across the globe, and incorporated in treasured instruments.

Acacia is a beautiful hardwood with just the right resiliency for tambourines. Each polished Acacia frame houses two rows of jingles. Purists can choose the model that features both rows of brass jingles, whereas others can savor the best of both worlds: an alternating row of brass and nickel jingles. The balance of warmth and edge, alternately the choir-like tenor and soprano voices, is unforgettable. This is a hybrid instrument that will sit well in the studio or live. The Toca Brass/Nickel will play gently or loudly. It's lightweight, it's versatile, it's extremely well- constructed from elite materials, and it's destined to be an integral component in the
percussionist's prize collection.

TOCT1010D 10" Acacia 10" Wooden Tambourine, Dark Wood
Single Row with Brass & Nickel Jingles $37.95

TOCT1010AB Toca Acacia 10” Wooden Tambourine
with Brass Jingles $49.95

TOCT1010ABC Toca Acacia 10” Wooden Tambourine
with Brass & Nickel Jingles $49.95

Toca Coloursound & Jingle Snare Tambourines

The Toca Coloursound Tambourines - Constructed from exotic Acacia hardwood 8 rows of double Nickel/Brass combo jingles allow for an overall well balanced sound , Jingle combination balances sound
projecting dry and lively sounds , Gloss finish ,
Ergonomically tapered handle.

TOCTCT10BK Toca Coloursound Black Tambourine $39.95

The Toca Jingle Snare Tambo a Unique Tambo & Snare Combination
Double-row nickel plated jingles produce bright sounds
Wood construction, with Gibraltar dual post mount
12" head, poplar shell, Fully tunable.

TOCTDJSPKG1 Toca 12” Jingle Snare Tambo w/ Gibr. Mount $229.00

Toca Hi-Hat Hit Zone Tambourines

Toca introduces the Hi-Hat "Hit Zone" Tambourine, ingeniously designed with two distinct shielded striking areas to accommodate modern complex two-handed patterns. Two durable rubber hit zones enable drummers to maintain machine-gun type rhythms without interrupting rhythmic flow and also permit a greater variation of stroke alternation.

Ten rows of nickel-plated jingles provide the instant, bright response required for contemporary rhythms and ensure that hi-hat and hi-hat tambourine meld in slick high-frequency mix, thus facilitating credible "cross-overs" between hats and tambourine. Basically, the Toca Hit Zone opens up the hi-hat to alternate, warp-speed stickings while offering the potential of cross-talk between hat cymbals and tambourine previously unheard of. The Hit Zone secures to the hi-hat center post with a sturdy wing nut that places the hi-hat at a comfortable striking height.

TOCTHHZT Toca Hi-Hat Hit Zone Tambourine with Metal Jingles $55.00

Toca Jingle Hit - Hi-Hat Tambourines

Toca's Jingle Hit Hi-Hat Tambourines, feature: 6-ply wood construction 
Rubber playing surface can be played by drumstick or hand, Gibraltar dual post mount, Asian Oak Contemporary Afro-Cuban shaped shell for added volume and resonance, Double-row nickel-plated, Jingles that produce bright sounds, Cowbell not included.

TOCTDJHMTP1 Toca 6" Jingle Hit Tambourine (Black Finish)
With Mount $65.00

TOCTDJHLMTP1 Toca 8" Jingle Hit Tambourine (Black Finish)
With Mount $69.95

Toca Jingle Hit Hi-Hat Tambourines - Two Sizes Available

Toca Jingle Shake

The Toca Jingle Shake is capable of producing a wide variety of sounds, simply by means of how the player holds and moves it. Shake it up and down and it sounds like a tambourine, with some added "high and dry" tones contributed by the shaker. Shake it from side to side and it sounds like a small shaker, with just the slightest amount of metallic sustain contributed by the jingles. Additional effects can be created by squeezing the shaker container or muting the tambourine jingles with the fingers. The versatility, lightweight yet durable construction, and professional-looking flat black finish of the Jingle Shake make it a great add-on
to any percussion setup.

TOCTJSBK Toca Jingle Shake - Black Finish $49.95
Ideal for an add on accessory with drums
or a tambourine add on for extra jingles
TOCT2503 Toca Jingle Stick - Handle style $39.95

Toca Yellow Clave Blocks with Swivel Design

Toca's 3/2 Yellow Clave Block is a combination of many influences. It gets its name from the "3/2 clave" that's a fundamental rhythm in Afro-Cuban music. It gets its shape from that of highly resonant Asian temple blocks. And it gets its very existence from the need of contemporary drummers and percussionists for a melodic block that can project through high-volume music, withstand the impact of hard playing, and fit virtually anywhere. With its high-volume projection, eye-catching yellow color, and ultra-flexible positioning capability, the Toca 3/2 Block is ideal for drummers, percussionists, and marching bands. The durability of its high-tech composite body makes this a great product accessory
that will last for years to come.

TOCT32BY Toca Clave Block - Yellow Colour - with Swivel Design $45.00

Toca Claves ( all types )

TOCT3512 Toca Claves - BLACK ( Players Series - Pair ) $17.00

TOCT2512 Toca Rosewood Claves ( Standard Weight - Pair ) $21.95

TOCT2512P Toca Wooden Claves (Pair) Made from Authentic
Palm Wood (Beautiful Contrasting Grain - Natural Finish) $26.95

Natural Oak Wood Chimes

True, it is a simple concept and, in the instance of the Toca Double Row Bar Chimes, a simple, elegant, and clean looking instrument. Remove the metal striker from its convenient holder atop the matte-finished natural oak base and drag it lightly down the row of chimes. The glissando - the undulating, shimmering choir of the 3/8" diameter aluminum bars, graduating in length and pitch - is nothing simple. It is rich in overtones, transients and sustain.

Taken individually, each specially chosen aluminum bar is stinging, full and bright in tone. Dragging the metal striker down a single row of these bars would be a shimmering, elaborate statement. That is the reason quality bar chimes have found their way onto so many recordings in all genres. The liquid, dense tapestry of sparkling chimes is never out of place.

The Toca Double Row Bar Chimes will soon find their own way onto recording after recording. A flick of the striker will prove why. After all, there are seventy individual chimes set in motion. Each is hand strung using braided chord for to ensure that the chimes last a lifetime of performances. And each bar is suspended optimally so that it will resonate
freely for a lifetime.

TOCT2307 Toca Double Row - Metal Wind Chimes with
Natural Oak Frame $339.00

Toca "Hollow" 26 Bar - Dream Chimes

These amazing hollow body 26 bar, bamboo dream chimes create the perfect earthy echoed sound, these are ideal as a percussion
accessory or can either hung on a hook as decoration, made of
bamboo construction with metal chimes.

TOCTDC Toca 26 Bar Hollow Dream Chimes
Metal Chimes with Bamboo Frame $36.95

Toca Wood Cajons & Cajon Bags

Toca's Players Series Cajon has been specifically created to appeal to those students and beginners—without cutting corners when it comes to features or construction quality. Its 11-1/2" wide by 17-1/2" tall by 11-1/2" deep hardwood shell is finished in an attractive natural gloss, and it comes fitted with rubber feet to protect floor surfaces. The front striking plate is attached with adjustable screws, allowing for a combination of deep bass tones and crisp slaps. A set of internal snare wires adds definition to the beat, helping to provide a highly satisfying overall cajon sound that's sure to motivate any aspiring player. The Players Series Cajon meets all the criteria for popularity with beginner or student percussionists: It's easy to
understand, simple to play, and lots of fun.

TOCTCAJPN Toca Players Series - Cajon - Natural Finish $219.00

The popularity of Cajon’s has been growing steadily over the past few years.
Toca’s colorsound Cajon’s are designed to appeal to the growing number of new (i.e beginner) Cajon players by introducing a range based on a simple,
cost-effective design in 2 attractive colours. Basic features are: All wood construction,Parawood front plate,Two internal snare wires for crisp sound
Height - 17” (43cm)x 11” Width (28cm) x 11” Diameter (28cm) ,
Available Colours – RED OR BLUE

TOCTCCJBL Toca Blue Cajon Coloursound Series $219.95
TOCTCCJRD Toca Red Cajon Coloursound Series $219.95

The Toca Coloured Cajons are constructed from premium materials that form a perfect resonating chamber. High-frequency finger slaps and awesome bass tones project well. To enhance traditional staccato rhythms, dual adjustable snares are included, adjustable side knob on below four models .
A padded seat enhances player comfort without damping the resonance, while rubber feet raise the instrument up, suspending it for maximum resonance and protecting delicate floors.

TOCTCAJHB Toca Wooden Cajon - Honey Burst Finish $379.00
TOCTCAJGB Toca Wooden Cajon - Green Burst Finish $379.00
TOCTCAJBW Toca Wooden Cajon - Burl Wood Dark Finish $379.00
TOCTCAJBB Toca Wooden Cajon - Bordeaux Finish $379.00
NOTE Above models feature side knob snare adjustment

TOCTCAJASH Toca Wooden Cajon - Ash Wood Finish $399.00
*NOTE Ash model features internal snare strainer *no side knob adjustment *

TOCTTCC Toca Conga Cajon w/ Stand - Wood top construction,
Fiberglass bowl shape,Height adjustable stand included,Ideal for acoustic

TOCTSCC Toca Snare Conga Cajon w/ Stand - Dual chambered conga cajon,Wood top construction,Fixed snare wires,Fiberglass bowl shape,
Height adjustable stand included,Ideal for acoustic applications,
14" playing surface,13" High $469.00

Also in: Bongo style model *
TOCTBFC Toca Bongo Flip Cajon $159.95

The Toca Cajon Bags -- Heavy padded nylon bag equipped with
adjustable shoulder strap and accessory pouch, Double stitching throughout for added strength and durability, The best protection for your Toca Cajons, Larger than average cajon bags. ( Suits Above Cajons )

TOCTCAJB Toca Cajon Bag - Black - with Shoulder Strap $159.95

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Toca Assorted Bells

Toca's Bells are crafted from premium steel and specially developed tooling with special attention to tuning and pitch to create a variety of different tones and sounds. All mounted bells feature heavy-duty eye-bolts with Gibraltar wing nuts to provide secure positioning on any accessory post.
All Bells feture Toca's unique tone dampening process.

TOC4424T Toca Cha Cha Bell - High - White $55.00

TOC4425T Toca Cha Cha Bell - Low - White $55.00

TOC4426T Toca Bongo Bell with Mount - White $59.95

TOC4427T Toca Mambo Bell with Mount - White $59.95

TOC4428T Toca Timbale Bell with Mount - White $65.00

TOC4344T Toca Rumba Bell -Large Rumba Bells are based on the traditional Cuban bells. Each bell has a unique overtone spectrum, which gives the player two distinct overtones per bell. White finish. $79.95

Toca Chimes

Toca Wind Chimes feature brightly pitched chimes that produce great volume and a full sound.All in a beautiful burnt wood style finish.


TOCT2306 Toca 16 Bar Lightning Chimes Sixteen brightly-pitched chimes mounted to a hardwood frame with durable nylon cord produce abundant volume and bright full sound. They are ideal for contemporary musical applications. $149.95

TOCT2304 Toca 32 Bar Wind Chimes Universal Chimes.Thirty-two chimes mounted to a hardwood frame with a special clamp mount that fits any cymbal stand top or accessory post. $199.95

TOCT2302 Toca 32 Bar Wind Chimes This our top-of-line wind chime features thirty-two bar chimes for exquisite tone and clarity. It also has our exclusive adjustable dampener to stop or control chime ring. This Chime is equipped with an adjustable diameter mount. $279.95

Toca Players Series Cowbells

The Cowbell Players Series by Toca, Feature Quality Bell Mounts and a black coated finish, Sustained & Toned Bells, Easy retrofit to any existing stands. Available in 3 Sizes.

TOC3325T Toca 5 3/4" Cowbell
Player's Series with Mount-Black $39.95

TOC3326T Toca 6 7/8" Cowbell
Player's Series with Mount-Black $45.00

TOC3329T Toca 9 1/2" Cowbell
Player's Series with Mount-Black $46.95

Toca Pro Line Series Cowbells

The Toca Pro Line Cowbells, Available in various types Stainless
Steel & Copper Lows & High Ruts, They Feature a State of the art hand hammering process, which delivers excellent overtones and sustain, Unique “Tight Grip” Mounting System, allows bell to be pivoted for multiple placement possibilities. Also available is the Mega Version which gives you that perfect sound due to its size and volume. High Ruts being the Smallest Low Ruts Medium Size to Mega Size Larger Versions.

TOCTPC1BC Toca Small Copper High Rut Cowbell w/Mount $69.95

TOCTPC1SS Toca Small Stainless Steel High Rut Cowbell w/Mount $69.95

TOCTPC2BC Toca Medium Copper Lo Rut Cowbell w/Mount $69.95

TOCTPC2SS Toca Medium Stainless Steel Lo Rut Cowbell w/Mount $69.95

TOCTPC4BC Toca Large Copper Groove Cowbell w/Mount $79.95

TOCTPC4SS Toca Large Stainless Steel Groove
w/Mount $79.95

TOCTPC5BC Toca Mega Size Copper Cowbell w/Mount $79.95

TOCTPC5SS Toca Mega Size Stainless Steel Cowbell w/Mount $79.95

Toca Hand Drums

TOCT3208SE Toca 8" Sheila E Series Hand Drum Made for small hands yet with a big sound, these pre-stretched calfskin frame drums come complete with a sized mallet or can be played with the hand crafted of maple/mahogany shells. $29.95

Toca Castanet Machine

TOCT2300 Toca Castanet Machine, Pitched castanets, exclusive individual tension adjustment, and heavy-duty, adjustable diameter mount. $119.00

Toca Percussion Sticks

TOCT2501 Toca Slap Stick,Toca Slapsticks are made from premium hardwood, along with a strong spring to produce a crisp
"crack" sound. $41.95

TOCT2503 Toca Jingle Stick Made of aluminum with chrome plated steel jingles. The hand-held model utilizes a padded handle while the drumset model mounts to most hi-hat pedals via the hi-hat pull rod. $36.95

TOCT2504 Toca Hi-Hat Tambourine Stick-Mounts on Cymbls Easily $41.95

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Toca Assorted Shakers

TOCT2206 Toca 6" Round Shaker $8.99

TOCT2207 Toca 2" Black/White Shaker on Handle $9.99

TOCTTS6 (Specify Code) Toca 6" Tube Shaker w / Graphics
Available in: T - Torch, R - Reaper $18.95

TOCTTS10 (Specify Code) Toca 10" Tube Shaker w / Graphics
Available in: S - Spaceman, R - Reaper $23.95

TOCTGS6PA (Front Picture) Toca Globe Shaker Display
Includes 6 Assorted Shakers ( 2 of Each ) $150.00

TOCTGSS (Specify Code) Toca Globe - Shaker - Features
Awesome graphic design - Round shaped shaker.
Available in
: S - Spaceman, T - Torch, R - Reaper

TOCT3108 Toca 8" Player's Series Shaker $18.95

TOCT3110 Toca 10" Player's Series Shaker $19.95

TOCT2106 Toca Egg Shakers - Box of Ten These are weighted heavier
and are larger than most others for a precise feel and well-defined sound,
available in - Assorted Colours ( SELL FOR $3.00 - EACH PER EGG )$36.00

TOCT2100 Toca 8" Round Shaker $29.95

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Toca Other Tambourines

TOCT1075 Toca 7.5" Single Row Headless Tambourine $29.95

TOCT1075H Toca 7.5" Single Row Tambourine w/Head $33.95

TOCT1090 Toca 9" Single Row Headless Tambourine $33.95

TOCT1090H Toca 9" Single Row Tambourine w/Head $39.95

TOCT1010 Toca 10" Double Row Headless Tambourine $36.95

TOCT1010H Toca 10" Double Row Tambourine w/Head $48.95

TOCT2601 Toca Headless 10” Headless Tambourine
White Finish $36.95

TOCT2602 Toca ½ Moon Shape Tambourine, Black Finish $24.95

TOCT2502 Toca Headless Tambourine-Aluminuim Colour $34.95

TOCT2500 Toca Tambourine-White Colour $34.95

TOCTT10TR Toca Professional 10" Tambourine ( Tuneable Head )
7 Double Row Nickel Jingels, Wooden Frame ( New Design ) $85.00

Toca introduces a new tambourine featuring Toca's innovative Easy-Place mount, which allows for easy conversion from hardware-mounted accessory to hand-held in seconds. The Toca Tambourine with Mount with an easy-to-place mount features 12 pairs of nickel-plated jingles, and is made from durable black ABS plastic with thicker material along the striking edge for protection from repeated stick use it also can be converted from a stand-mounted piece to a hand-held - and back again - in seconds.

TOCT2603 Toca Tambourine with Gibraltar Mount - Black $69.95

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Toca Quick Change Percussion Mount

Toca TQCM Quick Change Percussion Mount Features:- Innovative steel clamp that transforms from a cymbal holder to a percussion rack
- Adjustable cymbal tilter , - Accommodates cymbals up to 16
inches in diameter, - Comes with two adjustable percussion rods
- U-clamp bracket easily attaches to any cymbal stand

TOCTQCM (Image 2) Toca Quick Change Percussion Mount $79.95

Toca Wood Blocks & Triangles

TOCT Toca Standard Wood Block with Mallet, Durable Wood Finish, Crack Resistant Available in: - TOCT3506 Large $18.95 - TOCT3505 Small $17.95

TOCT2509 Toca 6" Triangle with Beater $21.95

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Toca Assorted Hand Percussion

TOCTCBSET Toca 5" Clave Blocks - 5 in one
complete set , black finish- Ideal for quiet practise.$299.00

TOCT3131 Toca Large Maracas - Black $19.95 TOCT313 - Small $12.99

TOCT2503 Toca Jingle Stick - Handle style $36.95

TOCT2530 Toca Finger Metal Cymbal Set 2 Pairs $36.95

TOCT2520 Toca Large White - Metal Ratchet Effect $56.95

TOCT2526 Toca Fibreglass Guiro - Black $69.95

TOCT2513 Toca Large Cabasa,features nickel-plated beads
(which prevent rusting and locking up), pre-adjusted
(for immediate playing), and a soft foam grip handle.$89.95

TOCT2514 Toca Piccolo Casaba,features nickel-plated beads
(which prevent rusting and locking up), pre-adjusted
(for immediate playing),Smaller version with moulded handle.$36.95

TOCTRPSE Toca Sheila E Series Rhythm Back Pack Includes: 1/2" woodblock w/mallet " Triangle w/striker, 8" Hardwood Claves,
9 1/2" double headed plastic maracas (not pictured), & a
"Ribbit" Frog Guiro packed in a webbed design backpack $135.00

TOCTPWS Toca Percussion Workstation - Suits Toca Hand
Percussion & Accessories $499.00

TOCT (Size Code) Toca Static Whip Effects, A must have for any percussionist. Adds sound that will puzzle your audience. It resembles a static electric sound when struck with a stick.You can also Twist
and shake with your hand, to create a thunderous sustain and jolt of energy.
Easily fits on to any Cymbal Stand top.

Available in: TOCTSWLG - Large $65.00 or TOCTSWSM - Small $59.95

TOCT2110 Toca Large White Supertone Maracas ( Pair ) $24.95

The Toca TWRA Wooden Rattle Bracelet/Anklet is perfect to add some wooden rattle sounds to any dancer or singer! Also can be used while playing Cajon, djembe, or guitar. Elastic band securely fits onto any wrist or ankle Ideal for the Health and Wellness market.

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