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TOC 2400N Wood Bongos

Toca Elite Series Crimson
Fade Bongo Set

Toca Elite Series Natural
Fade Bongo Set
Toca Synergy Blue Bongo Set

TOC 2600 Natural Bongos

TOC TPBS Toca Bongo Stand

Toca Bongo Bag -
Fits Standard Size Bongos

TOCPSBS Toca Pro Bongo
Stand - Fully Adjustable

TOCTSBST Toca Low Rider Seated Bongo Stand

Toca Bongos & Accessories

Toca Bongo Flip Cajon
This Bongo Flip-Cajon is a multi-purpose, multi-sided instrument that features fixed internal snares. Wearable lap strap for secure playing.

TOCTBFC Toca Bongo Flip Cajon $159.95

Toca Freestyle Bongos
These Bongos are prefect for smaller hands size is with 5/6inch heads,
made from PVC with a lightweight shell they are pretuned ready to go!

TOCTF2BK Toca Pretuned Bongo Freestyle 5/6" PVC Bongos
K- Kente $89.95

TOCTF2BWP Toca Pretuned Bongo Freestyle 5/6" PVC Bongos WP-Woodstock Purple $89.95

Toca Synergy Bongos

Toca Synergy Bongos- Traditional sounds and suave looks at a great price! The Synergy Bongo set features quality 2-ply select wood shells, black powder-coated hardware, and natural tan heads. Get into the Latin percussion groove with the smooth sounds and suave looks of these bongos.
Smoking Afro-Cuban percussion sounds!

TOC2100BB Toca Synergy 6 " - 6 3/4" Bongo Set
Trans Blue $119.95

TOC2100AMB Toca Synergy 6 " - 6 3/4" Bongo Set
Trans Amber $119.95

TOC2100RR Toca Synergy 6 " - 6 3 /4" Bongo Set
Trans Red $119.95

TOC2100TB Toca Synergy 6 " - 6 3 /4" Bongo Set
Trans Black $119.95

TOC2100N Toca Synergy 6 " - 6 3 /4" Bongo Set
Natural Gloss $119.95

New 2100 Series - 6" & 7" heads, ABS plastic construction,Black Powder coated hardware, Traditional style hoops, Natural Rawhide heads,
8 chrome tuning lugs, (Colours) - SW (synthetic white) SY (synthetic yellow)

TOC2100SW Toca Synergy 6"- 7" Bongo Set
Synthetic ABS Shell - Gloss White $129.95

TOC2100FYLToca Synergy 6"- 7" Bongo Set
Synthetic ABS Shell - Gloss Yellow $129.95

Toca Elite Series Bongos

These eye catching Elite Series Bongos, feature Asian oak shells, a contemporary Afro-Cuban Shape for added volume & resonance,
Easy Play Style Rims, Matched bison heads, Chrome Hardware.
Attractive High Gloss Laquered Finishes, in Desert Plains,Purple Mist, Natural Fade, & Crimson Fade.

TOC3170NF Toca 7 - 8 1/2 Elite Series Bongos-Natural Fade $269.95

TOC3170CF Toca 7 - 8 1/2 Elite Series Bongos-Crimson Fade $269.95

TOC3070DP Toca 7 - 8 1/2 Elite Series Bongos - Desert Plains
(Bongos Only in Picture) $279.00

TOC3070PM Toca 7 - 8 1/2 Elite Series Bongos - Purple Mist
(Bongos Only in Picture) $279.00

Toca Players Series Bongos

TOC2400 Toca 6"- 7" Natural Wood Traditional Series
Bongos Available Colours: N-Natural $139.95

TOC2700(colour) Toca 7" - 81/2" Natural Wood Players Series Bongos.
Animal Skin Heads, New Sleek Finish w/ Black Hardware.

Available Colours: NEA-Amber - NSB-Sunburst
NEC-Cherry- N-NAT-Natural

TOC4070(colour) Toca 4070 - Fiberglass Players Series
7" - 81/2" Animal Skin Heads, New Sleek Finish w/ Black Hardware.

Available Colours:RD-Red, VB-Vista Blue,

Toca Sheila E Signature Ash Wood Bongos

A force to be reckoned with, Sheila E. is a true prodigy on percussion, with scintillating solo work and performances with top artists including Prince, Diana Ross, Beyoncé, Babyface, Jennifer Lopez, and Ringo Starr.
The trilogy of Bongos & Congas,speaks to her spiritual values that transcend her acknowledged mastery of percussion and drum set. Toca is committed to being green and environmentally-friendly. The wood we use is harvested from a plantation in Indonesia, where our drums are then lathed and handcrafted by local musicians. This carefully managed resource is much easier on the environment than wood taken from primary forests.

Sheila E's Signature Bongos Feature:
>Two-ply high premium Ash wood Shells with a high gloss finish
>Bongos feature newly designed contour shape for improved seated play
>Bongos have eight lugs
>Matched top grade bison heads
>Gold Titanium vacuum plated hardware
>Four countersunk carriage bolts on each side plate for added strength
>Afro-Cuban shape designed for added volume & resonance
>Traditional hoops with extended collar
>Rubber gaskets isolate side plates eliminating wood to metal contact

TOC5001SEA Toca Sheila E Series 7 & 81/2 Bongos
in Ash Wood Finish $599.00

Toca Eric Velez Signature Bongos

Toca Eric Velez Signature Series Range
Eric's beats reach frightening speed, generating an exciting mix of low rumbles and crisp highs. For this technique, he prefers congas and bongos that are sensitive to fingertips and loud slaps. Together with Toca,
he created a line that lets him express himself the way he wants.

Eric Velez Signature Series Bongos Feature:
>Matched top grade bison heads
>Unique 7" & 9" Bongos with steel bottoms
>Black mirror chrome hardware
>Sleek look and Designed appeal
>Finished in a natural sunburst high gloss finish
>Easy play hoop
>Rib design gives the bongos an authentic look and feel
>Natural Sunburst high gloss finish on Bongos
> Limited Toca Badging with Eric Velez Signature

TOC4901EVB Eric Velez Signature Series 7 & 9 Wood Bongos $399.00

Toca "LE" Limited Edition Bongos

The Toca "LE" Bongos - Exquisite image, sound, and performance best describes Toca's Limited Edition series of professional congas and bongos. Colourful wood grain lacquer finishes complemented by gold titanium plated hardware. Each shell is constructed of seasoned Asian Oak hardwood shaped to a contemporary Afro-Cuban design that gives the player more volume with less playing effort. All drums are outfitted with Toca's EasyPlay hoop, matched bison skin heads and four-bolt tension plates.

TOC4801FS Toca Firestorm 7 & 8 1/2" Limited Edition Bongos $499.00

TOC4801BB Toca Bordeaux 7 & 8 1/2" Limited Edition Bongos $499.00

Toca Custom Deluxe Edition Bongos

Toca Custom Deluxe Antique Maple Bongos, Features: Asian Oak Shells with a high gloss finish Contemporary Afro-Cuban shape for added volume and resonance Durable high luster chrome hardware Congas have six lugs for greater tuning range Easy Play Rims give extra comfort while allowing the bison head to float freely over the bearing edge, resulting in greater resonance, tone and volume Matched top Grade bison heads New four carriage bolt tension hardware Rubber Gaskets behind side plates.
Bongos feature new colour matching center block for visual look

TOC4600AM Toca Custom Antique Maple 7 & 8 1/2" Bongos $399.00

Toca Low Rider Bongo Stands

While bongos are traditionally played in the seated position, with both drums held in place by pressure from the player's legs, most contemporary drum set artists and multi-percussionists have moved the bongos to more convenient positions. The new Toca Low Rider Seated Bongo Stand does just that and will be sought by players who work from a drum throne. The fully adjustable stand is designed to fit all bongo drums and place them at arm's length. Double-braced legs afford maximum security and enable players to play bongos with hands or sticks without concern that the instruments might tip.

TOCTSBST Toca Low Rider Seated Bongo Stand - Adjustable $179.95

Toca Other Bongo Stands,Bags & Attachments

TOCTPTRB Toca Bongo Tension Rod with Nut $10.99

TOCTBSA Toca Bongo Stand Attachment $69.95

TOCPSBS Toca Bongo Stand $120.00

TOCTPBS Toca Professional Bongo Stand $179.95

TOCTBB Toca Bongo Bag $49.95

More stands are available by Gibraltar

Replacement Bongo heads are available by Toca