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Professional Classical Strings

Augustine has been in the string business Since 1947, Albert Augustine Ltd, has produced the highest quality nylon guitar strings available. In fact, Albert Augustine was the first company to produce strings of this kind. Since then,Albert Augustine has established itself as a major factor in the classical guitar field worldwide.There are 3 Different Types
of Augustine Treble Strings:

  • Augustine Classic Trebles (the original nylon string).
  • Augustine Regal Trebles.
  • Augustine Imperial Trebles

Savarez orginated in 1770 and still produces an extended choice of strings to the various requirements of the musicians today.The red card, yellow card and white card sets orginated in 1946 these strings bring power, clarity,sustain,and longevity thanks to the mastery of the production, and of the nylon special treatments, a material which was then revolutionary.
Then there is the Corum/Alliance sets which comes in-normal
tension or high tension(500AR, 500AJ).

These strings are made of the now well-known composite monofilament Alliance Kf (some people call them carbon strings),exclusive to Savarez.Years of research have been necessary to adapt this material to the demands of the musicians and to get an outstanding product-a revolution for the guitar players.The use of Kf Alliance material was first discovered and introduced by Savarez, and changed the world of guitar. The strings were first made of gut then made of nylon.Now the trebles are now made of a high technological material,very different from nylon: different elasticity, higher density, further longevity thanks to the very specific cristallinity grade which then produce longer lasting brilliant professional quality strings.







Augustine Blue

Augustine Red

Augustine Black

Aug Regals Red

Aug Imperial Gold

Aug Imperial Red

Augustine Classical Strings - Sets

AUGBLACK (Additional Pic)Augustine Black - Low Basses
Low Trebles $17.00

AUGRED (Additional Pic)Augustine Red Medium Basses
Low Trebles $18.99

AUGBLUE (Additional Pic)Augustine Blue - High Basses
Low Trebles $19.99

AUGIMPRED (Additional Pic)Augustine Imperial Red
Medium Basses Medium Trebles $21.99

AUGIMPGOLD (Additional Pic)Augustine Imperial Gold
Low Basses Medium Trebles $21.99

AUGIMPBLUE Augustine Imperial Blue - High Basses
Medium Trebles $23.99

AUGREGRED Augustine Regal Red $21.99

AUGREGBLUE Augustine Regal Blue $21.99

Augustine Single Classical Strings

AUGRED1ST Red E-1st Single - Low $2.65

AUGRED2ND Red B-2nd Single - Low $2.65

AUGRED3RD Red G-3rd Single - Low $2.75

AUGRED4TH Red D-4th Single - Med $4.65

AUGRED5TH Red A-5th Single - Med $4.65

AUGRED6TH Red E-6th Single - Med $5.10

AUGBLUE1ST Blue E-1st Single - Med $2.65

AUGBLUE2ND Blue B-2nd Single - Med $2.65

AUGBLUE3RD Blue G-3rd Single - Med $2.75

AUGBLUE4TH Blue D-4th Single - High $4.90

AUGBLUE5TH Blue A-5th Single - High $5.40

AUGBLUE6TH Blue E-6th Single - High $5.95

Savarez Single Strings

SAV521R E1st Single - Traditional Red $3.10

SAV522R B2nd Single - Traditional Red $3.25

SAV523R G3rd Single - Traditional Red $3.45

SAV543R G-3RD Single - Alliance Red $6.95

SAV524R D4th Single - Traditional Red $5.95

SAV525R A5th Single - Traditional Red $6.50

SAV526R E6th Single - Traditional Red $6.95

SAV504J D4th Single - Corum Blue $6.50

SAV505J A5th Single - Corum Blue $6.75

SAV506J E6th Single - Corum Blue $6.95

SAV541J E1st Single - Alliance Blue $3.95

SAV542J B2nd Single - Alliance Blue $4.75

SAV543J G3rd Single - Alliance Blue $5.75

SAV544J D4th Single - Alliance Blue $6.75

SAV545J A5th Single - Alliance Blue $7.50

SAV546J E6th Single - Alliance Blue $7.85

SAVKITS1 (Additional Pic)Fingernail Repair Kit-Helps Repair Cracked Fingernails warn from long periods of playing time.Usefull for fingerpicking guitar players, Set Includes - Nail making and repair kit, includes:
band of self adhesive silk, 2 tubes of resin, Nail file, needle and
applicator stick.$66.00

Savarez Classical Strings - Sets

SAV510AJ Alliance / Cantiga High Tension $36.95

SAV510AR Alliance / Cantiga Medium Tension $36.95

SAV510ARJ Alliance / Cantiga Standard Tension $36.95

SAV510CJ Cristal / Cantiga High Tension $29.95
also in SAV510CJH Cristal Blue Cantiga $67.95

SAV510CR Cristal / Cantiga Medium Tension $29.95

SAV510CRJ Cristal / Cantiga Standard Tension $29.95

SAV540CR Savarez Cristal Classical String Set $24.95

SAV500CRJ Savarez Classical Cristal Corum Standard/High Tension Set, .028 - .043, Red/Blue Card, Cristal Treble/Silver Wound Bass. $24.95

SAVT50R Savarez string sets for flamenco guitar specially designed with the collaboration of the guitarist Tomatito - Standard Tension $31.95

SAVT50J Savarez string sets for flamenco guitar specially designed with the collaboration of the guitarist Tomatito - High Tension $31.95

SAV520B (Additional Pic)Traditional White - Low Tension $24.95

SAV520R (Additional Pic)Traditional Red - High Tension $24.95

SAV520J (Additional Pic)Traditional Yellow - Super High Tension $24.95

SAV520P3 Traditional Red - Plastic Wound G - High Tension $31.95

SAV520P Traditional Red - Plastic Wound G, & B - High Tension $31.95

SAV520PI (Additional Pic)Traditional Red - Plastic Wound
G, B, & E - High Tension $34.95

SAV500CJ (Additional Pic)Blue Cristal Trebles - Corum Basses
High Tension $24.95

SAV500CR Red Cristal Trebles - Corum Basses - Standard Tension $24.95

SAV500AJ Blue Alliance Trebles - Corum Basses High Tension $29.95

SAV500AR Red Alliance Trebles - Corum Basses Standard Tension $29.95

SAV500PR Red Polished Trebles - Corum Basses Standard Tension $24.95

SAV540J Blue Alliance - High Tension $31.95

SAV540R (Additional Pic)Red Alliance Standard Tension $31.95

Savarez Macafferri Guitar Strings

SAV1610MF Savarez 011-046 Argentine Macafferri
Guitar Strings - Ball Ends $31.95
SAV1610M Savarez 010-045 Argentine Macafferri
Guitar Strings - Ball Ends $31.95

SAV1510M Savarez 011-046 Argentine Macafferri
Guitar Strings - Ball Ends ( LIGHTS - 6 STRING SET )
String Gauge: 011 - 015 - 023 - 029 - 037 – 046 $31.95

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