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GTA53 GT Sound Hole
Pickup System
M332 Martin Thinline
Acoustic Piezo Pickup

MNATURAL1 Martin Thinline
Gold Plus Natural 1 System

M24AAJ Martin Active Jack Endpin Preamp - Use with Thinline Systems

Guitar Pickups & Generic Preamps

GT & Belcat Acoustic Guitar Pickups

EGT101 Easy Mounting-Single Guitar Transducer Surface
Mounted -Belcat $22.99

EGT202 Easy Mounting- Double Guitar Transducer Surface
Mounted -Belcat $25.99

GTPP607 GT-Artec Pickup 6 & 12 String (Under Saddle Type) $29.95

GTPP617 GT-Artec Pickup Classical (Under Saddle Type) $29.95

B1525 Piezo Bar Type Pickup (Under Saddle Type) $33.95

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Belcat Ukelele Preamps

UK2000 Belcat Ukelele System (Basic Controls) $69.95

UK300T Belcat Ukelele System with Built in Chromatic Tuner $89.95

GT Guitar Sound Hole Pickups

GTTD300 GT Sound Hole Pick-up with 1/4" Jack, Mini pin,
& Tone Controls $39.95

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Martin Thinline Acoustic Guitar
Pickups & Jacks

The Second Generation Martin Thinline 332 acoustic pickup is manufactured for Martin exclusively This is Martin's most popular pickup with tens of thousands sold worldwide. Six piezo crystals under the saddle produce clear, dependable acoustic sound. Features include, Authentic acoustic sound, Works with any preamp, Easy to install, No change to the body of the guitar,Can be fit to most models , Virtually eliminates feedback, Stereo switching jack for optional stereo wiring.
Now Available In M332 Gold Plus Version.

The Martin 332 Plus, Complete pickup system includes a ceramic under-the-saddle pickup and state of the art circuitry that is housed inside the shielding of the endpin jack.

M332 Martin Thinline - 2.3mm Acoustic Piezo under the saddle pickup
for quick & effective retrofit with most acoustic guitars $199.95

M332PLUS (Addtional Pic) Martin 332 Gold Plus Thinline - 2.3mm Martin Thinline 332 Plus Acoustic Guitar Pickup with Active Jack. The Thineline 332 Plus is a pickup system for acoustic guitars.$279.95

The patented design of the Martin Thin line Gold plus Natural One & Two Acoustic Pickup Systems solved the age-old problems of string balance, string spacing and wire-hole placement making it applicable to all guitars. These pickup material sre made from a highly sensitive copolymer specifically formulated for guitars. The short distance from the under saddle pickup to its internally mounted preamp maintains the integrity of the information-loaded pickup signal. The preamp is designed for instruments that are amplified at high volumes, especially full-size guitars. It is voiced to control boominess and to provide extra brightness. Recommended for musicians in situations where the guitar needs to stand out and sound natural without feeding back. The circuitry on this preamp
allows a battery life of 12,000 hours.

MNATURAL1 Martin Thinline Gold Plus Natural 1 Pickup System $299.00
<< Suited for Small Areas, or Solo Work >>

MNATURAL2 Martin Thinline Gold Plus Natural 2 Pickup System $299.00
Max Output Version,Suited for Large Areas, Concerts, or Band Work >>

M24AAAJ Martin Active Jack - 9V battery powered 1/4" endpin
jack / preamp designed to retrofit on thin line pickups, new easy
mount design $139.95

GT Battery Covers

GTBATTCASE (Side Picture) GT External Battery
Vertical Case Mount w/screws $7.99

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GT Preamp & Pickup Complete Systems

These GT pickups are Perfect for any Acoustic/Electric Guitar comes complete as a whole package with preamp,pickup,screws,9 Volt Batterys & anything else you need.

GTEQ600 (Additional Pic) (Additional Pic2) (Specs) GT Soho 4 Band Active Preamp System Pickup Included $79.95

GTAEQ501 (Addtional Pic) (Specs) GT Soho 5 Band Active Preamp System Pickup Included $120.00

GTQCH (Additional Pic) (Additional Pic2)GT Soho 4 Band Preamp System with built in Chorus Pickup Included $110.00

GTQTN (Additional Pic)(Package Picture) GT Soho 4 Band Preamp System with built in Tuner Pickup Included $129.95

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