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Guitar Accessories-Tuning Products

Adam/Sprite Pitch Pipes

APP10 (Bottom in Picture) Adam Guitar Pitch Pipes $6.99

GT Pitch Pipes

PP4UKE GT Metal Pitch Pipe for Ukulele $9.99

PP4VIOLIN GT Metal Pitch Pipe for Violin $9.99

Wittner Tuning Forks

921/329 E - Chrome 329hz - Wittner $11.99

921/440 A - Chrome 440hz - Wittner $11.99

921/523 C - Chrome 523hz - Wittner $11.99

Intelli & Wittner Digital Tuners/Metronomes

IPM100 Intelli Multi-Use Mike - For Tuners $12.95

IMT101 (Additional Pic) Intelli Digital Guitar & Bass Tuner $27.95

IMT102 (Additional Pic) Intelli Digital Chromatic Tuner $27.95

IMT103 (Additional Pic) Intelli Digital Violin Tuner $27.95

IMT202 (Additional Pic) Intelli Multi-Use Metronome / Chromatic Tuner $36.95

IMT500 (Additional Pic) Intelli Digital Clip-On Guitar Tuner-Auto
Chromatic,Very Tiny Compact Tuner with LCD Screen $39.95

IDM770 Intelli Digital Metronome - Multi Beats & Rhythms, 5times longer Battery life, Fits Micro-USB Cable via PC, Adjustable Volume - Tempo & Pitch, Pause and Resume Functions w/ Stereo Phone Jack $69.95

863162 Wittner MT40 Digital Metronome Simple to use 4
button operation, 11 Variable beats, pocket sized, with
A440 Reference Tone and Headphone Jack $69.95

DMT8LT3 Intelli Multi-Use Metronome / Tuner $75.00

IMT301 Intelli Metronome / Tuner -Also Gives a temperature
& Humidity reading $85.00

GT Capos / Kealoha Clip on Tuners / Capos

CT102 Kealoha Clip on Tuner - Mini Chromatic ( multi use ) $15.99

CCT7 Kealoha Ukulele Capo - Mini Trigger style $15.99

CCT3 GT Classical Capo - Mini Spring Action style $22.95

CCT12 GT Acoustic / Electric Capo - Mini Spring Action style $22.95

More Metronomes/Tuners Available by Wittner / GT & Beyer click here