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NA-QH160 Nady Personal
Light-weight Headphones

NA-QH200 Nady Closed Back Personal Headphones

Nady QH660 Deluxe Closed Back Studio / Dj Headphones - Silver

Nady Products


Nady is recognised as a good contender world wide, in wireless system technology, public address systems, and sound reinforcement. Nady not only offers unmatched value for money, but a decent
line of professional products.

Nady Stereo/Studio Headphones

NAQH160 Nady Lightweight Personal Stereo Headphones 34mm mylar driver with high-output neodymium magnet and high 102dB @1KHz sensitivity delivers a surprisingly powerful, transparent sound from even lower powered portable players.Full 20-20KHz frequency response provides smooth accurate reproduction across the audio spectrum. Fully cushioned for long-wear comfort. $24.95

NAQH200 Nady High Quality Personal Closed Back Studio Stereo Headphones,Perfect for Studio or Home Use, Excellent Sound with large Drivers for optimum full frequency response & low end punch, Comfy Heavily Padded Adjustable headband and earcups.Black Finish $49.95

NAQH50NC Nady Noise Cancelling Headphones -Features: State-of-the-art noise-cancelling circuit design eliminates virtually all background ambient noise for quiet listening enjoyment. Operate as standard passive headphones when noise-canceling circuitry is inactivated.Large 50mm drivers for rich, powerful audio with full-frequency response and punchy bass,Full-size padded leatherette ear cups and headband for ultimate long-lasting comfort,Adjustable headband creates a comfortable fit for all head sizes,Convenient battery compartment on cable,Uses single
AAA battery $59.95 (More Info)

NAQHM100 Nady DJ Headphones with Mic, High-quality closed-back design,Boom condenser mic, perfect for stage, DJ, podcast or computer applications, Comfortable, heavily padded adjustable headband and earcups, 40mm drivers with a frequency range of 20 to 20,000 Hz, 32O impedance rating, high-volume capability with 105 dB/mw sensitivity rating, Supplied with a 10 ft.cord with one 3.5mm mono headphone plug, one 3.5mm stereo mic plug, and a stereo and mono ¼” (6.3mm) plug adapter for each, In-line Volume control on cord for headphone audio
and On/Off switch for mic. $99.95

NAQH560 Nady Deluxe Open Back Professional Studio Headphones, Advanced design high performance driver and ultra-thin 40mm diaphragm provides the most transparent, accurate audio possible,Ambient open-air design ensures clear, natural sound and maximum hours-long comfort,Full 20-20KHz response and 110dB SPL @1Khz sensitivity,Self-adjusting headband for best comfort and fit.$139.95

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Nady Axe Head - Mini Headphone Amps

Plug in and play. The Nady AxeHead Guitar Headphone Amp is ideal for home use, college dorms, traveling and wherever the music takes you. Plug the AxeHead directly into your guitar or bass and connect your headphones and instantly you have a great sounding guitar amp that won't wake the neighbors! An AUX input allows you to connect an MP3 player to jam along to your favorite music. Up to 15 hours play time with convenient built-in Li-ion rechargeable battery, no need to change batteries.
To recharge, connect supplied USB
cable to computer's USB port. ( More Info )

NAAXEHEAD Nady Practice Mini Headphone Amp $49.95

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Nady Hum Eliminators & Headphone Amps

NAHE1 Nady Hum Eliminator, features: Eliminates AC hum (60Hz/120Hz buzz) easily with up to 20dB of attenuation, Converts automatically back and forth between balanced and unbalanced lines at either end—also can be used as direct box which converts signals from unbalanced to true balanced, Breaks grounds loops safely, while leaving all signal grounds intact, Dual Channel I/O with 1/4" TRS 'smart' jacks $85.00

The Nady 4ch Headphone Amp. Four totally independent stereo high-power headphone amplifier/line distribution channels in a convenient single rack package.Easy-to-operate unit allows maximum variety of monitoring and stereo line level signal distribution options,Input source select switches and Phone and Line ¼” TRS stereo outputs on each channel,Four independent stereo input sections (each with servo-balanced L/R ¼” TRS jacks) enable independent selection of any of the four stereo signals for each headphone amp/line distribution channel ,High-quality, rugged construction for maximum reliability.Shielded internal dual regulated power supply with ~115V(60Hz)/~230V(50Hz) select switch and fused
IEC power cord connector. (More Info)

NAHPA4 Nady 4ch Headphone AMP ( Rack Style ) $299.00

Nady Cable Testers & SPL Meters

NACT6 (Pic2) Nady CT-6 Cable tester, Can Test Mic, instrument, speaker, & cables, with Lighted LEDs, for testing connectors , XLR, 1/4 Inch-Mono/Stereo, Speakon (4Pin),Phono,DIN(5Pin), & Banana Plugs, includes battery LED Check, This Unit is Powered by a 9Volt Battery, Has a rugged Steel Casing & Full Instructions Included. $59.95

NADSM1 Nady Digital SPL Metre Features - Omnidirectional condenser mic, 2 level ranges covering, 4-digit backlit LCD,electable A or C weighting,Fast or slow response,Hold button captures input at any time,Range-exceeded alarm,Internal battery tester,Attaches to standard camera tripod,Up to 50 hours battery life,Foam windscreen,
Vinyl carrying case $220.00

Nady DJ & Mic Preamps

The NAPHP3 DJ Phono Preamp, Features: Converts Phono signals to Line Level utilizing standard RIAA equalization - amplifies and EQ's vinyl records to interface with mixers, main or monitor systems, audio workstations, or sound cards, Works with all turntables using magnetic cartridges, Plug and play operation with full patching facilities for easily connecting Phono turntables to any sound equipment, External power adapter for low-noise operation, Rugged metal case for utmost reliability.

The NADMP2 Dual Mic Preamp, Features: Unsurpassed Audio With Excellent Stereo Imaging, Ultra Low Noise, Superb Transient Response And Transparent, Distortion-free Sound, rugged Lightweight All-metal Enclosure Designed For Maximum Long Life And Optimum Portability, powered By 9v Alkaline Or Nimh Battery, power On And Dual Peak Led Indicators, includes Xlr I/o Jacks. Power Off/on/+48 Phantom Power 3-way Switch, Selectable Integrated Limiter, Dual Gain Controls.

NAPHP3 Nady DJ Phono Preamp with Plug & Play feature $125.00

NADMP2 Nady Dual Mic Preamp with Phantom Power $179.95

Nady 4 CH Mini Mixers

This NAMM14X Nady mini line mixer is complete with echo effects, delay time and depth controls, and has up to 50dB of gain per channel. It has four 1/4" mono inputs with individual volume controls and a 1/4" unbalanced output. Nady MM-14FX Mini Line Mixer with Effects Features: 4 Mono 1/4" microphone inputs with individual volume controls, Built-in Echo Effects DSP with Delay Time and Depth controls emulate room and hall to stadium decay reverbs, 1/4" unbalanced output,Up to 50dB of gain per channel, Power on/off switch with LED indicator, 9VDC powered with either 9V alkaline battery or optional PAD-1 AC/DC external adapter.

NAMM14X Nady Mini 4CH Mixer with Echo Effects built in.$69.95