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NAPCM200 Nady Birdcage
Style Microphone

NACM90 Nady Cardoid
Condenser Microphone

NASCM900 Nady Cardoid
Studio Microphone

NADM80 Nady Dynamic Microphone for Kick Drums

NADMK3 Nady Drum
Microphone Kit with case

NADMK2 Nady Drum
Microphone Kit with case

Nady Microphones & Accessories


Nady Choir & Condenser Mics

NAOHCM200BLK Nady Overhead Choir Mic (Cardioid) Features: Extended smooth, flat frequency response; ultra sensitivity and high SPL capacity for clearest audio performance in any application — from miking choral groups to stage performances , Low-mass back electret condenser element for most accurate, detailed audio,Cardioid pattern for frontal audio pickup without feedback and unwanted side and rear fill,Permanently attached 20' (6.1M) cable with convenient integrated power module/XLR (M) connector,Rugged construction for optimum reliability. Integrated hanging wire for ease of mounting,Conveniently powered by external 9~52 phantom power, no batteries required $99.95 (More Info)

NACBM40X Nady Condenser Mic - Features:Ideal for a variety of sound reinforcement/recording applications: Choirs, orchestras, theatrical performances, courtrooms/conference rooms, and inside bass/kick drums , Unidirectional pickup pattern and full frequency response of 50Hz~18KHz produce unparalleled audio at any distance from source with excellent feedback rejection , Rugged die-cast alloy housing on rubber padding minimizes mechanical coupling of surface vibrations to the microphone , 9-52V phantom powered $99.00 (More Info)

Nady Vocal Mics with carry case

NASPC15 Nady Vocal Mic with Carry Case, Features: Pressure gradient back electret condenser and transformerless FET circuitry for transparent audio reproduction and superior transient response,Wide frequency response (50~18,000Hz) with specially tailored mid-high presence for enhanced vocal and instrument punch and exceptional crisp, clear sound,Supercardioid polar pattern for maximum feedback rejection, superior sensitivity, wide dynamic range, high (136dB) SPL capacity and ultra-low distortion,Advanced internal shockmount design to eliminate handling noise,Compact all-brass housing—lightweight, roadworthy and durable for long life and reliability,Gold-plated XLR connector. Requires 9~52V phantom power. $65.00 (More Info)

Nady CM Series Mics

The Nady CM60 is perfect for Mounting to drum rims, the edge of acoustic guitar sound holes or the bell of wind, instruments for accurate sound reproduction and isolation from other instruments, Features, Tight cardioid polar response which is highly effective in suppressing feedback and unwanted sounds, Rubber boom shockmount's ingenious design minimizes vibration and audio transference from resonant instruments or materials, Sturdy rubber-grip spring clamp holds mic securely and prevents marring of finish,Built-in windscreen, as well as external windscreen included, for maximum feedback and “pop” rejection,
Adjustable gooseneck and swivel joint allows optimum microphone positioning,For use with bodypack transmitters or with standard mixers that provide 9-52V phantom power.

NACM60 (More Info) Nady Clip on Instrument Mic $129.95
NOW IN NACM60XLR with XLR $149.95

Nady CM Series Mics,perfect for recording and stage reinforcement of acoustic guitar, drum overheads, hi-hats, snares, & pianos.

NACM90 (More Info) Nady Cardoid Condenser Mic - Phantom Power Required - For Acoustic Guitar, Drums.$169.95

Nady USB Condenser Mics

Nady's USB Condenser Mics - Perfect for recording vocal tracks or voice-overs on your computer or for online communication , Feature: Excellent clear, crisp sound with smooth response, Dynamic neodymium element provides ultimate sensitivity with Cardioid pick-up, Connects directly to any computer with a USB 2.0 (or higher) input port for easy plug-and-play operation with most DAW software, AD converter with 24-bit, 96KHz sampling rate, Convenient On/Off switch and USB connection LED indicator (24M Model Only), Easy to use with computer recording software, Heavy gauge mesh grill and durable construction, The NA-USB1CMS is also available with added optional Sony ACID Music Studio 7 software which can be used for enhanced capabilities such as recording/editing/mixing multiple tracks of audio and MIDI, creating unique interactive tutorials, and sharing songs on
CD/ MP3 and other formats.

NAUSB24M Nady USB 24 Bit Condenser Mic with On/Off Switch $49.95

NAUSB1C Nady Standard USB Condenser Mic (No Software) $199.00
Plug & Play Compatible

NAUSB1CMS Nady USB Condenser Mic
with Sony Acid Music Studio Software $249.00

Nady DM Series Drum/Instrument Mics

DM Series Drum-Instrument Mics are equipped to handle extremely high sound pressure levels without distortion, the DM series microphones are ideal for live and studio close-miking of all types of drums and percussion instruments, and also for accurate sonic reproduction of brass, woodwind and other instruments producing high sound fields.

NADM70 (More Info) Nady Dynamic Microphone - For Snare,
Tom, Brass, & Woodwind $59.95

NADM80 (More Info) Nady Dynamic Microphone - For Kick Drum $69.95

NADMK3 (More Info) Nady Drum Microphone Kit
(2 x DM70 - 1 x DM80) In carry case. $179.95

NADMK2 (More Info) Nady Drum Microphone Kit - (2 x CM60 )
In carry case. $259.00

NADMK5 (More Info) Nady Five-Piece Drum Microphone Kit
(4 x DM70 - 1 x DM80) In carry case. $229.00

NADMK7 (More Info) Nady Seven-Piece Drum Microphone Kit
(4 x DM70 - 1 x DM80 - 2 x CM88) in carry case. $399.00

NACYM2 (More Info) Nady Cymbal Microphone Kit
2 x NACM88 Condenser Mics In carry case. $199.00

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Nady Ribbon Studio Mics

NARSM2 (More Info) Nady Ribbon Studio Microphone.Low--tension 2-inch long, 2 micron thick aluminum ribbon design with typical "large mellow" ribbon audio reproduction with smooth, natural extended low and high ends,Great for Studio work, Silver/Chrome Finish only.$499.00

Nady Vocal & Harmonica Mics

NAVHM7 (More Info) Nady Vocal & Harmonica Mic.Unique, chromed aerospace casing with stylish retro look and distinctive proprietary fluted design for versatility in shaping wah-wah sounds and altering tone while virtually eliminating feedback. It's bullet-proof tough and ultra comfortable in the hand. Designed for harmonica, the VHM-7 also serves as a great vocal mic. Its cardioid pattern dynamic cartridge has been expressly tailored for producing thick, fat tone while holding cupped-with enough “filthy” tone to satisfy even the most discriminating blues harp players.Great Birdcage-Style look Funky Design comes in
a carry bag $169.95

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Nady Headset Mics

NAHM10-BE (More Info) Nady Headset Mic-Beige Colour--Phantom Power required-Wide Bandwidth omni-directional electret condenser mic ensures clean transparent audio and enhanced vocal pickup with improved gain control.Thin Frame-Moulds to any shape-for
comfortable fit.$179.95 < Mini Jack Version Pictured >
< Also Available in Mini XLR Option >

Nady Lav Omni-Directional Mics

NALM14/O Nady Lavalier/lapel omni-directional microphone with 3.5mm locking plug, Suitable for body Packs on any mic systems.$19.95

Nady Microphone Accessories

NADMM1 Nady Drum Mic Mount Clip $29.95

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Nady Rack Mount - Gooseneck Lights

NARL2 Nady Rack Mount - Gooseneck Light, Features: Rackmount light illuminates mixing consoles and rack gear for easier operation on dark stages,Two 10” flexible gooseneck lights mounted on a 19” rackmount strip (1U), Can be mounted on either front or rear of rack cases, On/Off switch and integral fused power supply included. Hard-wired power cable plugs into 115 VAC outlet $69.95 (More Info)

NAVHM7 Nady Harmonica / Vocals Microphone with carry bag