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OSGS7655 Onstage Folding
A Frame Guitar Style (Thin Design)

OSGS7462B On Stage
Pro Single A Frame Guitar Stand

OSGS7652B On Stage (Six Fit) Classical Series Guitar Stand

OSGS7153BB On Stage Flip
It, Guitar Stand Black on Black

OSGS7153BW On Stage Flip It, Guitar Stand Black/ White Stripes

OSGS7253BB On Stage Duo Series Flip It Guitar Stand

OSWGS100 On Stage Hennessey
Master Series Wood Guitar Stand

OSGS7355 On Stage Triple
Hang it Series Guitar Stand

OSFS7850 On Stage Guitarists Footstool - Black Finish

OSGS7155 On Stage 
Single Hang it Guitar Stand

OSGS7321BT On Stage 
Triple Hang it Guitar Stand

OSGS8200 Onstage Hang-It ProGrip II Guitar Stand

OSGTA7600 On Stage
Guitar/Bass Tuner

OSGTA7800 On Stage Pedal
Style Tuner - with Bright LED

OSDT8500 On Stage Multi Use Throne Stool Black Finish

OSGBA4550 On Stage Padded
Gig Bag (D-Nought Pictured)
Available in Various Types


On Stage Deluxe Padded
Bags ( All Sizes)

GCA5000B On Stage
Black Hard Wood

GPCC5550B On Stage Poly
Foam Classical Case

BNC5000 On Stage
Poly Foam Banjo Case
ONZSL600C On Stage
Hennessey Strap
Lock System (Mounted)

OSZSLD1000 On Stage Strap Locks Wall Display w/ Hooks

OSGS7730 On Stage Guitar
Wall Hanger - Fixed Position,
Solid Pine Wood Finish

OSGS7650AB On Stage
Guitar Wall Hanger - 3 Way
Adjustment - Black Finish

OSGSAPK6500 On Stage
Pick Holders Tub - 100 pcs

OSGSA10BK Guitar Strap -
Black Finish - Leather Ends

On Stage Guitar Stands & Accessories

On Stage Professional Stands & Accessories,made to suit every travelling musician or performer who demands a pro-set up every time they perform, Exclusive to Pro Music is the Line of On Stage Stands which is sure be a hit with every music shop in Australia, keep an eye out for these great value, great looking products available in a wide variety of options. On Stage Stands - Select your Option Below.

On Stage Compact A-Frame Guitar Stands

The OSGS7655 Onstage Folding A Frame Guitar Style Foldable type,folds flat, thin design, black , a frame style , adjustable middle plate section.

OSGS7655 Onstage Folding A Frame Guitar Style (Thin Design) $17.99
(Additional Photo)

On Stage Folding Ukulele / Guitar Stands

The OSGS6000 Stand is designed for small stringed instruments like ukulele, mandolin, fiddle, and dulcimer. Full size stands are simply too large for many folk and travel instruments, and their weight often exceeds that of the instruments themselves. At only 8.5” x 3.5” when folded, the OSGS6000B easily fits into backpacks and gig bags, and weighing only .25 lbs, it preserves the unique portability of these instruments. Rubber padding on all contact points protects your instrument's finish and provides a slip-free cradle. Rigid plastic construction keeps weight down while a proven A-frame design ensures stability. Compact and supremely portable,
the OSGS6000 is the ideal folk instrument stand.

OSGS6000B Onstage Ukulele / Small Instrument Folding Stand $19.99

Also Available now in new Onstage GS6500 Mighty Guitar Stand
( folds down ) completely portable design, fits into luggage & other baggage with Rubberised Feet.

OSGS6500 Onstage Mighty Guitar Stand, Light polymer construction folds to a compact 12.25" x 5.85" x 1.65" size to fit in most gig bag pockets, backpacks, duffle bags, and other common baggage, Protective padding at all contact points prevents marring and scratching of instrument finishes.Rubber feet prevent the stand from sliding on hard surfaces,Adjustable yoke depth accommodates common body sizes 3-5/32" to 5-1/8",Wide stance with locking stabilizer bar ensures a solid, wobble
free platform for your guitar. $24.99


On Stage Push Style Aco. Guitar Stands

OSGS7141 On Stage Push-Down Spring up
Locking Acoustic Guitar Stand $39.95                                              
Upper shaft is height adjustable to accomadate guitar bodies between
19” and 21”, Spring-loaded lower yoke mechanism locks your guitar between
the two yokes and into the stand, Rubber feet prevent slipping,Durable black powder coat finish,EVA foam protects instrument finish

On Stage Pro A-Frame Guitar Stands

The strongest A-Frame on the market, the On Stage OSGS7462B
Pro A-Frame stand
features heavyduty square tubing, velveteen rubber and a “uni-construction” design which means that there are no parts to loose. Holds both acoustic and electric guitars as well as desktop mixers and combo amps, so there is no longer a need to own multiple stands when the stepped patented yoke design can hold all of them! The unique shape also allows this stand to nest together with others when not in use.

OSGS7462B On Stage Pro Single A Frame Guitar Stand $29.95

The OSGS7462DB versatile double version of the heavyduty A-Frame.
It's strong enough to hold a combo guitar amp with room left for an electric guitar in the back. A must for the gigging musician.

OSGS7462DB On Stage Pro Double A Frame Guitar Stand $39.95

Possibly the safest guitar stand on the market today, the On Stage OSGS7465B Flip-It!® A-Frame combines the convenience of an A-frame with the safety of our patented Flip-It® top yoke. Upper yoke stores between the stands legs for travel or storage.

OSGS7465B On Stage Pro Flip it A Frame Guitar Stand $45.00


Total Weight 3.05lbs (1.4 kgs), Black Powder Coat Finish
Rubber Feet, EVA Protection on all contact points
Expandable Yoke depth from 4.5"-6.75", Yoke Width span 7"-10"
Folded Height 17.5", Leg Span Set Points at 9" and 13.5"
​Sturdy Locking Pin to Maintain Span and Long Push Lever for quick and easy position setting, Padded EVA contact points protect your guitar finish
Ability to lock into place, Collapsible leg span - Adjustable yoke fits acoustic and electric guitars
stand to nest together with others when not in use.

OSGS7263B On Stage Pro Single A Frame AcouGuitar & Electric Gtr Stand
with Quicksqueeze Locking Pin & Adjustment $43.95

On Stage Classic Series Guitar Stands

The best seller in the Classic range the OSXCG-4 On Stage Classic Series combines the special formula velveteen rubber and thickest tubing. A great value for such a high quality stand! Removable lower stepped yoke and security strap upper yoke make this stand perfect for any guitar.

OSXCG4 On Stage Classic Series Standard Guitar Stand $22.95

The OSGS7121BXCG On Stage Classic Deluxe Guitar Stand, Truly made with classical style, this high quality stand features rugged die-cast housing, velveteen rubber padding and an extra thick neck guard. With the key-way locking lower Smart-Yoke™ and a “V” groove upper
yoke which prevents rotation

OSGS7121BXCG On Stage Classic Deluxe Guitar Stand $29.95

The OSGS7252BDUO holds either an acoustic or electric guitar, Upgraded Yoke Design - Black Twin Model similar to OSXCG4 but double type *

OSGS7252BDUO On Stage Pro DUO Double Guitar Stand $41.95

The OSGS7321BT triple version of the OSGS7121BXCG holds any combination of guitars, basses, and even banjos on one safe stand,
which makes holding 3 instruments easy.

OSGS7352BTRI On Stage Triple (Holds 3 Guitars) 
Guitar Stand - Black Finish $69.95

This OSGS7652B On Stage Six Fit (multi-fit) guitar stand provides a great way to conserve valuable showroom or studio floor space by holding six guitars on just one folding tripod stand. Also features six folding back bumpers and a height adjustable center shaft. Holds
most name brand guitars.

OSGS7652B On Stage (Six Fit) Classical Series Guitar Stand $109.00

On Stage Flip It Series Guitar Stands

The OSGS7153BB Black on Black Guitar Stand the patriarch of the Flip-It!® family. The lower yokes upward angle design teamed with unmatched protection of the upper Flip-It!® yoke make this model one of the safest stands on the market today. In fact, the safe and easy operation of the Flip -It!® yoke has saved many a broken neck! Black on Black Finish.

OSGS7153BB On Stage Flip It, Pro Stand Gran Series - Black
on Black Guitar Stand $33.95

The On Stage OSGS7353BB Duo Guitar Stand has all the same great features as the Duo Flip-It!®, but is designed to support two guitars on one stand.Duo Series Model in Black Gloss Finish.

OSGS7253BB On Stage Flip It, Duo Series ( 2 Guitars ) Model Black on Black Guitar Stand $69.95

The OSGS7253BB On Stage Triple version Guitar Stand of the Flip-It!® Series ,the Tri Model holds three guitars of any type. It features a stable three-legged design and a smart-locking top yoke. A must for vintage instrument collectors. Tri Series Model in Black Gloss Finish.

OSGS7353BB On Stage Flip It, Tri Series ( 3 Guitars ) Model Black on
Black Guitar Stand $79.95

On Stage Hennessey Master Series Guitar Stands

The OSWGS100 On Stage Hennessey Master Series Guitar Wood Stands are expertly crafted in a High Gloss Solid Rosewood & Satin Finish, with Black Velveeteen Rubber Supports, Antique Classic Look for
a great low value price. Classic Wood FInish.

OSWGS100 On Stage Hennessey Master Series Wooden Guitar Stand
Solid Rosewood & Satin Gloss Finish $69.95

On Stage Hang It Series Guitar Stands

The OSGS7155 Hang It, Tripod base Guitar Stand,has front support arms and back bumper holds Electric, Acoustic, Classical, Bass, Banjo and Mandolin style guitars securely. Height adj: 24-38”.

OSGS7155 On Stage Hang it Series - Single Guitar
Stand - Black Finish  $25.95

The OSGS7221BD On Stage Double Guitar Stand, Can hold any combination of guitars back to back. Upper and lower folding yokes; locking hinge secures guitar neck in place. Black finish
and black Velveteen rubber.

OSGS7221BD On Stage Double (Holds 2 Guitars) 
Guitar Stand - Black Finish $41.95

The OSGS7355 On Stage Triple Hang it Series Guitar Stand features room for Three Guitars with Black Velveeteen Rubber Supports and Black Rubber Feet. Three Stands in One Unit what could be better really.

OSGS7355 On Stage Triple Hang It Series - Holds 3 Guitars,
Black on Black Guitar Stand.$45.00

The OSGS7321BT triple version of the OSGS221BD with each yoke
aligned above a stand leg for max stability to hold any combination
of guitars on one safe stand, which makes holding 3 guitars easy.

OSGS7321BT On Stage Triple (Holds 3 Guitars) 
Guitar Stand - Black Finish $45.00

On Stage Hang It Pro Grip II Guitar Stands

OSGS8200 Onstage Hang-It ProGrip II Guitar Stand
This stand combines the security and convenience of an
auto-locking yoke with the ease of the Hang-It™ design.
Simply hang your guitar on the patent-pending yoke and the
weight of your guitar draws the spring-loaded yoke arms to
pull the gates of the yoke shut. All in one single action!
Removal is just as easy; picking up your guitar opens the
gates instantly. Features include inert rubber padding,
reinforced tripod leg braces, non-slip rubber end caps,
and a cam locking mid-point clutch.

OSGS8200 Onstage Hang-It Purple ProGrip II Guitar Stand $55.00
ALSO IN OSGS8100 Hang-It Black Version $59.95

On Stage Guitar & Bass Chromatic Tuners

The On Stage OSGTA7600 Chromatic tuner for guitar or bass. Basic functionality and convenient tuning functions in a compact design.
Built-in-Mic, high precision LCD and auto power-off function.
Calibration: 430~450Hz, with 1 Hz step.

OSGTA7600 On Stage Chromatic Guitar & Bass Tuner $29.95

On Stage Guitar PedalBoards (not powered )

OSGPB3000 On Stage PedalBoard w/ Bag, Room for 10 standard size foot pedals, Angled for comfortable access with feet,Cut out sections for power distribution and cable management,Lightweight aluminum construction,
18.7” x 9” surface,Adhesive hook & loop strips included for custom organization,Includes custom gig bag with shoulder strap, interior pocket, and non-skid rubber feet, $159.95

On Stage Clip On Tuners & Pedal Tuners

OSGTA6000 On Stage Clip on Headstock Multi Mini Tuner - ( Red Colour )
Suitable for Most Instruments ( LED Screen-Clip on design ) $17.99
For use with Guitar/Bass/Uke/Mandolin/Banjo or Similar Instruments *

The Onstage OSGTA7800 Pedal Tuner - Designed to be absolutely transparent in bypass mode, this new Pedal Tuner will not alter tone nor gain structure in any way, allowing its use in the most refined and tweaked guitar rigs. It is the ideal tuner for use with high-end guitar amplifiers. The True-Bypass Pedal Tuner offers the option of muting output while tuning and passing an unaltered signal while not in use, eliminating the need to put amplifiers in standby mode. It can also be used in a live mode which passes audio while tuning. The True-Bypass Pedal Tuner is fully chromatic and can be calibrated from 436 Hz to 444 Hz via a bright,
easy-to-read LED display and fine-tuning meter.

This Pedal Tuner also features a unique Flat mode that acts as a transpose function, allowing up to seven downward half-steps. For example, when set to two half-steps in Flat mode, the display will show an E when the true pitch is a D. This is a handy tool for players who prefer to think in terms of standard tuning even when playing in lower keys. Constructed of a two-piece diecast aluminum body and utilizing professional all-steel input and output jacks, the True-Bypass Pedal Tuner is built for the rigors of the road. Strategically placed rubber strips prevent slippage on stage floors and a protected 9V battery compartment ensures trouble-free performance. The True-Bypass Pedal Tuner can also be powered via an optional DC power supply. *Photos - (Image 1, Image 2, Image 3 )

OSGTA7800 On Stage Pedal Style Tuner - with Bright LED $79.95
Runs off 9V Battery or 9V/DC Adaption - Has Durable Metal Casing

On Stage Guitar Foot Stools & Thrones

The OSFS7850 On Stage Guitar Foot stool is height adjustable up to three fixed height positions. Features rubber end caps and a non-slip rubber pad for excellent stability. It folds flat, making it easy for travel. An excellent
item for classical guitarists.

OSFS7850B On Stage Guitarists Footstool - Non Slip Surface Rubber
Pad, Folds Flat for easy storage, Black Coated Finish $22.99

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The On Stage DT-8500 Guitar / Keyboard Throne Stool is designed for flexibility and works well for guitarists, keyboard players, and drummers. The height adjustable seat will create a comfortable playing position. The padded seat and backrest is finished with a rugged vinyl that looks like real leather. Braced legs keep you firmly planted on the stage, and the footrest is ideal for guitarists. Quick to set up and tear down, it's the ideal solution for the gigging musician and a handy addition to any studio.

OSDT8500 On Stage Guitar / Keyboard Throne Stool, Adjustable Height, Max 12 2/5",Viynl Padded Seat, Braced Legs, Black Finish $139.95

OSDT7500 Onstage Guitarist Stool with Footrest &
Bar Stool Style Seat $79.95                                       

On Stage Standard Padded Guitar Gig Bags

The On Stage Padded Gig Bags are Ideal for a musician on the go, features Black Vinyl Padded Material, Storage Pockets, Heavy Duty Zips & Front Support Straps, Available in Bass, Classical, Dreadnought
& Electric Guitar Versions.

OSGBA4550 On Stage Padded Gig Bag - Acoustic Version - Black $29.95

OSGBB4550 On Stage Padded Gig Bag - Bass Version - Black $29.95

OSGBAC3/4 On Stage Padded Gig Bag - ( 3/4 Classical ) Black $28.95

OSGBC4550 On Stage Padded Gig Bag - ( 4/4 Classical ) Black $29.95

OSGBE4550 On Stage Padded Gig Bag - Electric Version - Black $29.95

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On Stage Deluxe Padded Guitar Gig Bags

The On Stage line of Deluxe Guitar Gig Bags are lightweight, custom-shaped and provide protection and transporting ease for your guitar. The series includes four models; all models combine the protection of a ½” foam-lined interior with the portability of a canvas bag. Features include 2 exterior accessories pockets with a leather accent strip; heavy- duty 2-pull zippers, which allow the bag to be unzipped lengthwise; 1 side carry handle with padded leather; 1 top carry handle with padded leather; adjustable
back-pack straps; an ID tag; and 2 bag hangers.
(Front / Angled Photo)

GBA4660 On Stage Deluxe Padded Acoustic Gig Bag - Black $39.95 GBB4660 On Stage Deluxe Padded Bass Gig Bag - Black $39.95
GBC4660 On Stage Deluxe Padded Classical Gig Bag - Black $39.95
GBE4660 On Stage Deluxe Padded Electric Gig Bag - Black $39.95

GBA4770 On Stage Deluxe Foam Padded Acoustic Gig Bag - Black $39.95 GBB4770 On Stage Deluxe Foam Padded Bass Gig Bag - Black $39.95
GBC4770 On Stage Deluxe Foam Padded Classical Gig Bag - Black $39.95
GBE4770 On Stage Deluxe Foam Padded Electric Gig Bag - Black $39.95

On Stage Hardshell Guitar Cases

Onstage Road-ready hard-shell guitar cases, custom moulded to fit any
6/12str, CLASSICAL, JUMBO GTR, FLYING V, 335, SG or LP Style electric guitar. Available In Black w/ black plush lined interior & pocket.

GCA5000B Onstage 6/12 String Guitar Case - Black Finish $159.95
GCA5600B Onstage Jumbo Guitar Case - Black Finish
GCLP7000 Onstage Electric LP Guitar Case - Black Finish $159.95
GCSG7000 Onstage Electric SG Guitar Case - Black Finish $159.95
GCES7000 Onstage Electric 335 Guitar Case - Black Finish $159.95
GCFV7000 Onstage Electric V Guitar Case - Black Finish $159.95

GCC5000B Onstage Classical Guitar Case - Black Finish $159.95

GCB6000B Onstage Oblong Bass Case - Black Finish $159.95
GCE6000B Onstage Oblong Electric GTR Case - Black Finish $159.95

>> On Stage Guitar Cases -- Special Finishes -- Snake Skin or Tweed
( Fits Most Electric Guitars )

GCE6000S Onstage Electric Guitar Case - Snake Skin $159.95
GCE6000T Onstage Electric Guitar Case - Tweed Finish $159.95

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On Stage Guitar Poly Foam Cases

These Heavy-duty On Stage polyfoam guitar cases feature a plush-lined interior and heavygauge 2-pull zipper, allowing the case to be unzipped length-wise from the centre. Two carrying handles and an adjustable shoulder strap make for easy, well-balanced transportation. An integrated compartment is perfect for picks, replacement strings, and other accessories. Sized to fit most shapes.

Available in 4 Types:
Foam Dreadnought - Code GPCA5550B  $99.99
Foam Classical - Code GPCC5550B $99.99
Foam Electric - Code GPCE5550 $99.99
Foam BASS - Code GPCB5550 $109.99

On Stage Poly Foam Banjo Cases

The On Stage Poly Foam Banjo Cases - Rugged, heavy-duty case. Custom moulded, plush lined interior. 1 exterior pocket, 2 carry handles, adjustable backpack straps. Hit the road with confidence! This affordable case is rugged enough to protect your 4, 5, or 6 string banjo no matter where you go. It's made from a durable nylon material and features a custom-molded, plush-lined interior that secures the instrument and won't scratch its finish. A heavy-gauge two-pull zipper makes opening and closing easy. The bag can be carried using the two carry handles or adjustable backpack-style straps. A front accessories pocket is perfect for picks, replacement strings
or other accessories.

BNC5000 OnStage Poly Foam Banjo Case (Suits 4/5/6-String) $109.95

On Stage Guitar Care Kits

OSGK7000 On Stage Guitar Care Kit $15.99
Includes: 2x Microfibre cleaning cloths (7.75x7.75' in size),
1x 4oz Bottle of Eco-friendly Guitar Polish,1x Guitar Peg Winder,
3xGuitar Picks(Sizes:46,71 & 96mm Thickness)

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On Stage Hennessey Strap Lock Systems

The On Stage Hennessey Strap Locks are an ideal accessory for your Guitar, Features Sturdy Metal Parts & Attachments with an adjustable
nozzel at the tip to give you that tight snug fit, Available in: Black, Chrome
& Gold Versions, Also Available is a Wall Mounted Display Unit
especially designed for the Henessey Strap Systems.

NSL7200 ( Colour Code ) On Stage Hennessey Strap Lock Systems (Mounted on) (Mounted off) Complete Strap Lock Packages

Available Codes in : NSL7200B Black $18.99
NSL7200C Chrome $17.99 NSL7200G Gold $19.99

OSZSLD1000 On Stage Strap Lock Wall Mounted Display Unit Mounts
onto walls easily, Comes with instructions& Mounting Hook $27.95
or F.O.C with BULK Purchased

On Stage Guitar Wall Hangers

A staple of every showroom, The On Stage Guitar hangers are available in different fixed positions as well as adjustable. These hangers may be used on slat wall. Finished in black and feature the famous black or various woods with velveteen rubber. Available in a variety of options.
Straight / Left / Right / 3 Way Hangers Have been Redesigned
with Black Backing Plates

OSGS7660B On Stage Guitar Wall Hanger - Notches at 90 Degrees,
45 Degrees Left & Right, Adjustable, Ideal for Slat Wall Use,
Black Finish $18.99 THIS CODE REPLACES 7650AB MODEL

OSGS7640 (Mounted) On Stage Metal Guitar Wall Hanger - Solid Metal Round Base Circular Mount, Fixed Position, Ideal for Home or Studio Wall Use, Black Velveteen Rubber Finish $17.00

OSGS7730 (Mounted) On Stage Guitar Wall Hanger - Solid Pine Base Mount, Fixed Position, Ideal for Home or Studio Wall Use,Black
Velveteen Rubber Finish, with end fixture caps to hold instrument

OSGS7650 ( LB / RB / SB ) On Stage Guitar Wall Hanger - Metal Rectangle Mount, Fixed Position, Ideal for Home or Studio Wall Use, Black Metal Finish with Black Velveteen Cushion.$12.99
Available in: LB-Left Black , RB-Right Black , SB-Straight Black

Keep your guitar / uke close! Hang it from your microphone stand. The OSGS7800 takes advantage of the patent-pending u-mount clamp and lets your existing mic stand pull double duty as a guitar stand. The easy-on, easy-off single knob clamp secures to any shaft up to ¾” in diameter. Your guitar will always be in reach and your piece of the stage will be clutter-free. The swivel yoke fits most conventional headstocks and is lined with inert velveteen foam. An exclusive EVA bumper is included to stabilize and protect your electric or acoustic guitar. Now fits Ukuleles.

OSGS7800 (Image 2) On Stage U-Mount Mic Stand Ukulele or
Guitar Hanger $21.95

On Stage Guitar Pick Holders - Counter Tub

Keep your picks where you need them. These pick holders feature a peel and stick backing to mount to a guitar, amp, mic stand or any other flat surface. They are made from durable moulded plastic. Each spring-loaded holder can store up to five medium weight picks. Holds up to 5 medium weight picks. Adhesive backing mounts to any flat surface.
100 pick holders come in a POP container.

OSGSAPK6500 On Stage Pick Holders Tub, Fits to any Stand,
Jar of 100 Pcs, (Sell for $0.79 cents a peice) $79.00

Mic Stand Pick Holders Available by On Stage click here

On Stage Guitar Slides

OSSLD206 On Stage Steel Guitar Slide (Size 6) $7.99
Measures - Inside 16.5mm. Outside 18.9mm

OSSLD209 On Stage Steel Guitar Slide (Size 9 Standard) $7.99
Measures - Inside 18.9mm. Outside 21.3mm

OSSLD209T On Stage Steel Guitar Slide (Size 9 Thick) $7.99
Measures - Inside 18.9mm. Outside 22.9mm

OSSLD211 On Stage Steel Guitar Slide (Size 11) $7.99
Measures - Inside 20.6mm. Outside 23mm

More Slides Available by Shubb click here

On Stage Guitar, Uke Capos / Uke Picks

OSGA100 On Stage Guitar Capo - Black Finish $22.99
Traditional Style - Spring Loaded w/ Silicon Padding

OSGA200 On Stage Ukulele Capo - Silver Finish $22.99
Traditional Style - Spring Loaded w/ Silicon Padding

OSGA300 Onstage Classical Capo - Black Finish $22.99
Traditional Style - Spring Loaded w/ Silicon Padding

UPK300 Onstage Ukulele Picks 3 pack felt type $5.99

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On Stage 5-Space Multi Guitar Rack

There are many reasons to have five guitars, and they are all excellent!
The OSGS7561 - 5 Space Rack -- is a cost effective way to display a combination of electric and acoustic instruments on stage, in the studio, or at home. Guitars line up in single-file leaning against a padded yoke and cradled by a padded base. Access is unobstructed and instantaneous. The wide rectangular base is stable no matter how many slots are full. And, like you'd expect from On-Stage Stands, portability is built into the design. The backrest folds downwards, making a lightweight, low profile bundle for easy transport. Height: 29" - Base Spread: 25 x 20"
Folded Dimensions: 25 x 30 x 6

OSGS7561 (Image2) On Stage 5 Space Guitar Rack System $79.95
Fits most brands, Various Shapes *


On Stage Ukulele Cases & Bags

Affordable hard-shell protection all ukuleles. The On Stage Family of
4000 Series Uke Cases
accommodates the lower-pitched member of the uke family. A moulded fit, water resistant vinyl leather exterior, gold hardware, and locking clasp give your tenor ukulele the protection it deserves. * Variation of Sizes Available *

GCU4003 On Stage Soprano Uke Black Case $79.95
Dimensions: 7.25"(w) x 22"(l) x 2"(d)
Weight: 3.14 lbs
(Grouped Photo)

GCU4004 On Stage Concert Uke Black Case $85.00
Dimensions: 8.25"(w) x 25"(l) x 2.5"(d)
Weight: 3.46 lbs
(Grouped Photo)

GCU4002 On Stage Tenor Uke Black Case $89.95
Dimensions: 9.25"(w) x 27"(l) x 3"(d)
Weight: 3.9 lbs
(Grouped Photo)

GCU4001 On Stage Baritone Uke Black Case $95.00
Dimensions: 10"(w) x 32"(l) x 3.5"(d)
Weight: 5 lbs
(Grouped Photo)

GBU( CODE) On Stage Padded Uke Gigbag ( various sizes)
4 Models - Available in Code -
GBU4103 (Back - Image)-Soprano Body $35.95
GBU4104-Concert Body $36.95
GBU4102-Tenor Body $37.95
GBU4101-Baritone Body $38.95

Designed to hold and transport ukulele – 7mm padded bag
Can be carried using the padded carry handle or adjustable removable backpack straps, 7mm foamed-lined interior , 2 exterior accessories pockets

On Stage Small Instrument Stands

The OSGS5000 On Stage Folds-Flat Small Instrument Stand is sized just right for ukulele, fiddle/violin, viola, mandolin, lap steel guitar, dulcimer, and similar instruments. Every bit as portable as the instruments it's designed to hold, the GS5000 is lightweight and unobtrusive. But don't let its size fool you; constructed of 7mm steel wire, the GS5000 is as tough as most full size stands. A stepped yoke design is what allows the GS5000 to accommodate so many types of instruments.
Folded Dimensions: 11.42 x 11 x 1.25"
Base Spread: 5.12

OSGS5000 On Stage Small Instrument Stand - Black Finish
Suitable for a variation of instruments * $17.99

On Stage Mini Plug in Guitar Amps

Practice your electric guitar whenever you want with the OSGA5000MI.
Simply plug the OSGA5000MI directly into your guitar, plug in your favorite
headphones, and rock out in privacy. No cable necessary. Tone and Gain
controls let you tailor the sound from sparkling clean to shredder saturated.
Small and lightweight, the OSGA5000MI fits in a pocket or gig bag and it
won't get in the way while playing.

OSGA5000MI On Stage Mini Plug in Amplifier ( Portable use ) $39.95

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On Stage Hook & Velcro ( pair )

OSHL4000 Onstage Hook & Loop Velcro, ( pair ) Ultimate tool for securing your pedals, mixers, drum machines and more,Designed to accommodate virtually any flat surface,Professional grade adhesive and industrial strength sticky tape,Includes (2) 41.5" x 3" strips. $19.95

On Stage DI Boxes ( new range )

OSDB500 Onstage Di Box - Single channel, passive direct box,
Transform any high-impedence ¼” source into a low-impedence (XLR) signal
High-quality transformer - Ground lift switch.$55.00

OSDB1000 Onstage Di Box - Phantom Powered – No batteries or adapters needed,Ground lift switch - 15dB pad switch,Ground lift switch - Rugged metal construction.$119.95

OSDB1100 Onstage Di Box - Phantom Powered – No batteries or adapters, needed, Merge switch (Stereo-to-Mono Summing), Ground lift switch - 15dB pad switch, Ground lift switch - Polarity switch - Low cut switch, Rugged metal construction.$169.95

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